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WordPress web design

At LA TEVA WEB we specialise in web design with WordPress. Our 20 years of experience as a leading web design agency in Barcelona guarantees us to offer a first class web design service with WordPress, creating fully self-manageable pages for our clients, well programmed and always with a unique and different web design.

WordPress Websites

Why choose us as your WordPress web designers

We live in a constant digital evolution. New trends, the mechanisms and elements that make up web design, the needs and demands of the consumers who browse them, usability, user experience, the design elements that can affect search engine positioning... Absolutely everything is in perpetual movement.

This eternal change in how a website should work makes it essential for companies to have an agency specialised in WordPress web design such as La Teva Web, perfectly aware of the movements of the sector and that applies the latest technologies and trends to create modern and cutting-edge web designs.

A quality, custom-designed WordPress
WordPress Websites

Advantages of our Wordpress web design in Barcelona

  • Custom Wordpress design. We create attractive websites, with well represented brand values, which transmit confidence to users and allow you to attract new customers.
  • 100% self-manageable. One of the main advantages of our Wordpress web development is that you will easily manage all of your webpages. You can add, edit and delete content quickly and easily.
  • Responsive Website. Having a website adapted to mobile devices is now essential. Your new website made in Wordpress will automatically adapt to mobile phones and tablets so you can reach all your customers wherever they are
  • Wordpress SEO optimized. All of our Wordpress designs are focused on search engine rankings. As White Hat SEO specialists, all of our websites are optimized to show up in the top of Google.
  • Plugins and premium features. When creating a Wordpress with us, you will enjoy many advantages that will make the difference: Features that improve performance and speed, visual editors, SEO plugins...
  • Web quickly and safely. You'll offer the best user experience with an incredibly fast pagespeed and complying at the same time with all the safety standards.
  • Focused on conversion. All our web designs are designed with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimitzation) in mind. You'll have a website that will provide users the best experience. Thanks to this approach, you will receive more and betterleads.
  • Web development for you. Do you have some need that a Wordpress plugin can't meet? Are you looking for new features or programming changes more complex than normal? No problem! Our team of developers will be responsible for implementing any element anywhere you need.
WordPress Websites

WordPress WooCommerce online shop design

Do you need a WordPress WooCommerce online shop? All the advantages offered by our Wordpress web design for corporate websites can also be applied to our Wordpress WooCommerce online shop design service.

When creating online shops, we pay special attention to streamlining the purchasing process, offering a satisfactory browsing experience and highlighting the attractions and advantages of your catalogue in order to sell more and better.

Having an online shop is essential and every business that seeks maximum growth in sales. At La Teva Web we provide a solution to this emerging need by creating online shops with Wordpress + WooCommerce, custom designed and developed so you can start selling as soon as possible. In addition, we provide continuity to your business through SEO strategies for Wordpress.

Sell more and better with WordPress + WooCommerce

Frequently asked questions about WordPress web design

What is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS), which is used to create and manage websites. It was created in 2003 as a blogging technology, but over time it has evolved and today it allows you to build websites of all kinds.
Is it advisable to use Wordpress for my website?
It depends on the website you need. WordPress is an excellent choice for creating and managing a website, as it is easy to use, has a lot of resources and plugins available, and is very popular, which means there is a lot of documentation and support available. In addition, WordPress is a versatile option, as it can be used to create different types of sites, such as blogs, e-commerce sites, portfolios, and much more. That said, it is important to keep in mind that not all solutions are suitable for all projects. Depending on your needs and technical skills, other CMS options or even developing a website from scratch may be a more suitable option for you. Contact us and we will guide you through it.
If I want to make a website in Wordpress: is it better to make it from a template, from a theme or custom-made?
Creating a WordPress website from a template or theme is a quick and easy way to get your site up and running, as these already come with a default design and a set of basic functionalities. But if you want a unique website, with advanced web design and functionality, and optimised for SEO, then you should choose to create a tailor-made website with a Wordpress theme customised to your needs.
Is it safe to make a Wordpress website?
Being an open source software and very popular, it has many good things but at the same time the vulnerabilities are also very high. If you are going to make a website in Wordpress you must take into account security parameters, detection of attacks, and always have backups for a possible restoration.
Is a Wordpress website good for SEO?
It is not the best option with its initial configuration, but with good plugins and tools, and with the technical and strategic direction of Wordpress SEO specialists, you can position yourself perfectly with Wordpress.
Does a Wordpress website require maintenance?
Yes, a website with Wordpress technology requires constant revisions and updates. Both the core of Wordpress and its components and plugins must be updated to ensure that they work correctly and that we benefit from all the performance and security improvements. A website created in Wordpress, if not updated correctly, will stop working in a few months.
Is a Wordpress website good for SEM?
Wordpress is a perfect system for our SEM campaigns, as we have a lot of autonomy to create attractive landings to take our campaign users to.
Is it possible to create an online shop with WordPress?
Yes, it is possible to create an online shop with WordPress. Actually, WordPress is an excellent choice for creating an online shop, as it has several tools and plugins that allow you to add e-commerce functionalities to your site. But we only recommend it for small to medium sized online shops. Also, if you want a software specifically designed and programmed for online shops, there are more recommendable technologies, such as Prestashop.

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