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WordPress web design

LA TEVA WEB has 20 years of experience as a outstanding agency in the tailored web design for each of our customers ambitions.

It is known that more and more companies around the world are increasingly trusting in Wordpress when creating his own web design. Knowing this, it is our mission as a leading  agency in creating web pages in Barcelona, ​​to offer the best Wordpress web design service.

WordPress Websites

Your WordPress web design made by La Teva Web

We live in a constant digital evolution. The new trends, mechanisms and elements of the web design needs and demands of consumers who surf them, usability, user experience, design elements that can affect the search engine rankings... Absolutely everything is in perpetual motion.

This eternal change on how to run a website makes it imperative for companies to have a specialized web design agency like La Teva Web, perfectly aware of the movements of the sector and to implement the latest technologies and trends to create modern and lasting web designs.

Custom WordPress design
WordPress Websites

Advantages of our Wordpress web design

  • Custom Wordpress design. We create attractive websites, with well represented brand values, which transmit confidence to users and allow you to attract new customers.
  • 100% self-manageable. One of the main advantages of our Wordpress web development is that you will easily manage all of your webpages. You can add, edit and delete content quickly and easily.
  • Responsive Website. Having a website adapted to mobile devices is now essential. Your new website made in Wordpress will automatically adapt to mobile phones and tablets so you can reach all your customers wherever they are
  • Wordpress SEO optimized. All of our Wordpress designs are focused on search engine rankings. As White Hat SEO specialists, all of our websites are optimized to show up in the top of Google.
  • Plugins and premium features. When creating a Wordpress with us, you will enjoy many advantages that will make the difference: Features that improve performance and speed, visual editors, SEO plugins...
  • Web quickly and safely. You'll offer the best user experience with an incredibly fast pagespeed and complying at the same time with all the safety standards.
  • Focused on conversion. All our web designs are designed with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimitzation) in mind. You'll have a website that will provide users the best experience. Thanks to this approach, you will receive more and betterleads.
  • Web development for you. Do you have some need that a Wordpress plugin can't meet? Are you looking for new features or programming changes more complex than normal? No problem! Our team of developers will be responsible for implementing any element anywhere you need.
WordPress Websites

Selling online with a WordPress shop design

Looking for an online store in Wordpress? All the advantages offered by our web design for corporate webpages in Wordpress can also be applied to our online store design in Wordpress with Woocommerce.

When creating online stores, we pay special attention to streamline purchasing processes, we provide a satisfactory experience, fantastic navigation at the same time that we highlight the pros of your catalog for selling more and better.

Having an online store is essential and every business that seeks maximum growth in sales. At La Teva Web we provide a solution to this emerging needs creating online stores with Wordpress + WooCommerce, designed and developed for success. In addition, we provide continuity to your business through SEO strategies for Wordpress.

WordPress + WooCommerce

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