Google Ads agency Barcelona

Google Ads Agency in Barcelona

The Google Ads advertising platform (previously Google Adwords) allows us to create ads in various formats. One of the most popular are search ads or pay-per-click ads that appear on search engine results pages.

We are a Google Partner agency located in Barcelona and we always design all our Google Ads Search campaigns with the focus on profitability for our customers.
Google Ads agency Barcelona

Our main advantage: Google Adwords Agency certified by Google

We are a Google Partner agency, which means that we are certified by Google, which guarantees compliance with all the quality standards required by Google in the management of Google Ads campaigns.

It also guarantees that in our team we have certified professionals through the Google Partners program that are being constantly trained in the management of SEM campaigns.

Google Partner Premier 2022
We highly optimize the investment return of your campaigns
Google Partner Barcelona

How do we work Google Ads Search campaigns?

With the aim of ensuring the success of our Google Ads campaigns, we follow a methodology that includes:

  • Collection of data regarding market, competition, client...
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Choice of the most representative and relevant keywords for the client
  • Implementation of Google Ads campaigns
  • Monitorization, ptimization and improvement of the campaign
  • Reporting
Agencia Google Ads Barcelona

What are the advantages of campaigns in Google Ads?

The main advantages of Google Ads campaigns are:

  • You only pay for each click made, in other words, you will only pay for real visits to your website. The budget can also be limited on a daily basis and you therefore control what you spend.
  • High segmentation by keywords, geographical dimension, opening hours, languages, ....
  • Complete tracking of the investment and the ROI. All this enables us to establish which words are the most widely searched for and the type of user that is most profitable to your company.

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