Google Ads agency Barcelona

Google Ads Agency in Barcelona

The Google Ads advertising platform (previously Google Adwords) allows us to create ads in various formats. One of the most popular are search ads or pay-per-click ads that appear on search engine results pages.

We are a Google Partner agency located in Barcelona and we always design all our Google Ads Search campaigns with the focus on profitability for our customers.
Google Ads agency Barcelona

Our main advantage: Google Adwords Agency certified by Google

We are a Google Partner agency, which means that we are certified by Google, which guarantees compliance with all the quality standards required by Google in the management of Google Ads campaigns.

It also guarantees that in our team we have certified professionals through the Google Partners program that are being constantly trained in the management of SEM campaigns.

Google Partner Premier 2022
We highly optimize the investment return of your campaigns
Google Partner Barcelona

How do we work Google Ads Search campaigns?

To guarantee the success of the campaigns we prepare for our clients, our Google Ads agency follows a methodology that includes:

  • Definition with the client of which products and/or services he/she wants to promote through Google Ads.
  • Selection of the most representative and relevant keywords for the client.
  • Assessment of the economic viability of the sector, analysing variables such as the degree of competition and the costs associated with each keyword.
  • Implementation of Google Ads campaigns
  • Optimisation and periodic maintenance and introduction of improvements
  • Analysis and reporting of results
Agencia Google Ads Barcelona

Which Google Ads campaigns do we work with?

As an SEM agency, at La Teva Web we have specialists in the main SEM platform on the market, Google Ads. In our agency we can help you to create and optimise PPC campaigns such as:

  • Search Campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • Discovery campaigns
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Performance Max campaigns
  • Video campaigns (Youtube Ads)
  • Local campaigns

Frequently asked questions about Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google's ad platform. Previously it was called Google Adwords, because in essence the vast majority of ads were text ads, but now there are multiple formats. Through Google Ads we create and monitor SEM campaigns in the Google ecosystem.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works on the basis of campaigns, which are assigned a maximum daily budget, so that you only spend what you have planned. From its platform you can configure, edit or audit the performance of your ads.

What kind of campaigns can I run on Google Ads?

The catalogue of ad formats and platforms on Google is very broad and is constantly evolving. The best known are search ads, Shopping ads (product listings) and Display ads (image banners). Although you should not rule out trying other formats such as Discovery (news in the search engine), or Pmax (multichannel campaigns oriented to conversion), or specific ads for Gmail, Google Maps or Youtube. Everything will depend on the project, priorities and budget. The options are varied and the best thing to do is to get advice from Google Ads specialists.

How do I measure conversions in Google Ads?

You can create and configure conversions from Google Ads and using the code provided by the platform, and implement them on the website or Tag Manager. Another very interesting option is to set up conversions with Google Analytics, and import them into Google Ads. The important thing is to choose the system you like the most and only implement one, to avoid duplications and conflicts as each tool measures conversions differently.

How can I make my Google ads more effective?

Depending on the business objectives, one type of campaign or another will be chosen. At the ad level, we must analyse what need we are going to cover for our future client, and defend it well with the copies and creatives. This is the essence of good campaign performance, although we must also pay close attention to the scoring of the campaign: Google has formulas to assign a level of quality to our campaigns and ads, and this has a direct impact on their performance. So you should analyse all the recommendations that Google Ads makes, and apply all those that are technically feasible and economically interesting. We should not accept Google's suggestions out of hand, as in some cases they can be counterproductive in terms of performance and economically unsustainable.

Can I manage Google Ads alone or will I need to delegate it to a specialist?

Google Ads is a very complex platform to understand and configure, and it undergoes changes every week. Unless you have knowledge and are going to spend a lot of time following them, it will be infinitely more cost-effective to delegate it to specialists.

What are the advantages of entrusting my campaigns to a Google Partner Agency?

If you delegate your campaigns to a Google Partner agency, you can be sure that they already have active campaigns in Google Ads, experience and a significant investment in ads. In addition, their specialists are properly trained by Google.

What are the advantages of trusting my campaigns to a Google Premier Partner Agency?

By relying on a Google Partner Premier agency, such as ours, in addition to the advantages of any Google Partner, you are assured: 1) that they are capable of managing large accounts; 2) that they are specialised in all the platform's campaigns; 3) a quick problem-solving capacity; and 4) access to betas, news and new exclusive functionalities.

What maintenance do Google Ads campaigns need?

Google Ads campaigns require intensive setup and review during the first month. From the second month onwards, they should be monitored daily, small adjustments should be made weekly, and structural changes should be made when required, at least monthly. It is not good to make constant changes in the campaigns because when we do so, they must be reviewed, and we alter the learning process of the algorithm and the artificial intelligence that campaigns incorporate today.

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