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Advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's social network and now part of Meta, has become part of the daily lives of many users. Thanks to advertising through the Facebook Ads platform, brands can connect with these people and sell their products and solutions.

The degree of personalization of the campaigns in Facebook Ads is greater than in many other advertising platforms: we can create ads based on multiple variables related to the users of the social network. At La Teva Web, as a Facebook Ads agency, we squeeze advertising on Facebook to achieve your goals at the lowest possible cost.

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Our advantage: segmentation and performance targeting of Facebook Ads campaigns

One of the great virtues of advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads is segmentation: given the large amount of information that Facebook collects about its users, we can target our ads to users based on criteria such as their tastes and interests, location, gender, behaviors, etc. And a long etcetera.

This degree of adaptation allows brands and businesses to allocate their advertising budget to reach only relevant audiences, avoiding impacting users who have little or nothing to do with our company.

On the other hand, there is the perception that Facebook Ads is only useful to get new Likes. The reality is very different: thanks to the exhaustive segmentation and the different advertising formats, we can create campaigns aimed at getting new leads or sales in an online store.

The key to success in Facebook Ads: segment and measure well
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What kind of campaigns can we create in Facebook Ads?

Depending on our communication and business objectives, we can target our Facebook Ads campaigns to:

  • Attracting new fans: increasing the volume of followers of our profile will allow us to have more reach with our organic publications.
  • Brand awareness: we will be able to publicize our business among users who are part of our target audience.
  • Product promotion: uploading your ecommerce product catalog to Facebook opens the door to creating ads aimed at the sale of specific products, collections or categories.
  • Local events and offers: with Facebook Ads we can also attract visits to a local business or publicize the realization of an event.
  • Increase traffic to our website or app: if what we are interested in is visits, advertising on Facebook allows us to create ads exclusively aimed at attracting new users to your website or app.
  • Generate leads or contact forms: by correctly segmenting your campaigns, Facebook Ads can become one of the most profitable lead generation channels for your business.

And what type of campaign will be the best for your company? Thanks to our experience as a Facebook Ads agency, we will advise you on what campaigns to carry out to get the most out of this advertising platform.

Facebook Ads Agency in Barcelona

La Teva Web, your Facebook Ads agency in Barcelona

We have been working on the development of new web pages and the creation of digital marketing strategies for all types of companies for more than 20 years. Facebook Ads is one of the best tools to reach users who are part of our clients' target audience. To achieve this, we have developed a work methodology that can be summarized in the following points:

  • Initial meeting and information gathering: we prepare with you all the necessary data that will allow us to create advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads that respond to your business objectives.
  • Definition of the advertising strategy: we propose the best way to focus your Facebook Ads, including the definition of segmentation, advertising formats and the necessary investment.
  • Creation of the campaigns: our team launches the entire structure of campaigns, ad groups and ads as proposed in the strategy.
  • Tracking implementation: we will need to measure the success of the campaigns through various indicators. At this point we make sure that this information is collected correctly.
  • Reports: we maintain constant communication with the client through periodic reports in order to have the same point of view when assessing the campaigns.
  • Continuous optimization: we constantly review active campaigns to make changes and improve their performance.

From our Facebook Ads agency in Barcelona we work on each project with all our resources and a team specifically trained in digital advertising. If you want to start publishing your ads on Facebook Ads or you want us to optimize your campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us.

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What SEM tools and campaigns do we work with?

We have specialists in the major SEM platform of the market: Google Ads. We can help you create and optimize pay per click campaigns such as:

We are also specialized in the design and optimization of social media advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads, that allow advertising on Facebook, Instagram and its partners.

We also have experience in other SEM platforms SEM such as Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Criteo or Adroll.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook Ads

How much do I need to invest in Facebook Ads?
It depends on each project. In each advertising campaign on Facebook Ads there are multiple variables such as geographic scope, advertising formats or user interests, among others. All of them have a direct impact on the cost of advertising on Facebook. At La Teva Web we will help you define an initial investment amount according to your objectives, which we can then adjust according to the performance of the campaigns.
Are Facebook Ads only used to get Likes or Followers?
No. The Facebook Ads platform allows you to create ads aimed at all kinds of business objectives, such as the acquisition of leads or online sales. In addition, we set up tracking of these value actions through the Facebook pixel, which allows us to correctly analyze the success of the campaigns.

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