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Advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads

Facebook, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, has become part of the daily life of many users. Thanks to advertising through the Facebook Ads platform, brands can easily connect with these people.

Audience targeted ads are ideal for driving brand awareness or conversions amongst a target audience and Facebook is the king in this field, allowing us to create content for a more segmented audience than any other social media platform.

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Our advantage: Facebook Ads campaigns that sell

One of the great virtues of advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads is segmentation: given the large amount of information that Facebook collects about its users, we can identify which Facebook ads work better, test different audiences and measure results. Following this, we are able to invest your advertising budget to reach only relevant public, avoiding targeting users who have little or nothing to do with our company. Accordingly, we are always improving your Facebook Ads campaigns

The key to success in Facebook Ads: segment and measure well
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What kind of campaigns can we create in Facebook Ads?

Depending on our communication and business objectives, we can guide our Facebook Ads campaigns to:

  • Attracting new fans
  • Brand awareness
  • Promotion of specific products and services
  • Promote local events
  • Increase traffic to our website or app
  • Generate leads or contact forms
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What SEM tools and campaigns do we work with?

We have specialists in the major SEM platform of the market: Google Ads. We can help you create and optimize pay per click campaigns such as:

We are also specialized in the design and optimization of advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads, that allow advertising on Facebook, Instagram and its partners.

We also have experience in other SEM platforms SEM such as Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Criteo or Adroll.

Do you want to generate business through Facebook?

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