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We are the suitable ecommerce agency to get the most out of your Shopify shop and boost your marketing efforts to maximise your sales.

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Shopify advantages for your e-commerce

Shopify - unlike PrestaShop, Adobe Commerce or WooCommerce - is a SaaS. This means that your online shop is created within the Shopify platform, taking advantage of all the benefits of Shopify, in exchange for a monthly payment for sales made. Shopify allows us to create an online shop with multiple advanced and proven features with a much lower initial investment than other platforms and offers omnichannel solutions that other ecommerce platforms do not have. Of course, its maintenance requires a higher recurring cost linked to the sales of the online shop.

Shopify is a good choice for ecommerce projects that start from scratch and want tight cost control. However, Shopify is also used by larger online shops and offers great scalability.

Shopify is an easy to use, powerful, well proven, fast, and secure platform. It has hundreds of features that avoid the need for tailor-made programming. We will help and advise you in the management of your Shopify shop.

Shopify is the world's most popular ecommerce SaaS
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Agency specialised in Shopify

As an expert Shopify ecommerce agency, we offer you a complete service: from the design of a customised and differentiated online shop, to boosting your marketing actions to sell more through CRO, SEO and SEM techniques.

In terms of web design, we create the design of the online shop you need, so we can offer you a differential design always created from the point of view of usability, CRO and upselling to achieve high conversion rates and sales.

Once we have the Shopify online shop you need, we boost your sales through marketing. That's who we are:

  • Experts in SEO positioning on Shopify. This allows us to boost the presence of your online shop in major search engines such as Google.
  • Experts in SEM-PPC campaigns, both in Google Ads and in social media ads such as Meta. We are Google Partner Premier Agency, and we are also partners of Meta and Bing.
  • CRO experts, to take your conversion rates to another level.

If you want to build your online shop on Shopify, count on us as your expert ecommerce agency to deliver results.

Frequently asked questions about your Shopify shop

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a SaaS online retailer. This means that your website is inside Shopify which offers you everything you need to sell online including hosting for a monthly fee, and a percentage of your sales.

Is my Shopify website mine?

No, it's not an open source platform, it's a SaaS, so it's owned by Shopify and you pay for its use. That said, you do need a minimal investment to set up your online shop on Shopify, but you will face recurring payments for sales.

Do you do SEO on Shopify?

Yes, we are an SEO agency expert in positioning online shops whether they are Shopify, WordPress or PrestaShop.

Is SEO on Shopify more difficult?

SEO on Shopify is very different from SEO on other online shop platforms, because we have limited access to the code of the online shop due to the fact that it is not an open source platform. The fact that SEO is much more laborious to implement and manage means that SEO needs to be implemented by an expert SEO agency to get good results.

Is Shopify only for start-up projects?

No. Shopify is ideal for businesses that are starting from scratch and have few resources to invest in their early stages of life, it is also used by large brands. In fact, Shopify has launched Shopify Plus, especially for large companies.

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