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SEO for Wordpress in Barcelona

Search engine optimization (SEO) is already an essential point in any successful online marketing strategy. Achieving good SEO optimization allows us to rank first Google search results.

What can SEO do for you? More visibility, more traffic and more conversions/sales in your Wordpress. But in order to be successful, it is necessary to first build a good SEO strategy, and you can leave that in our hands.

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We are your expert SEO agency for Wordpress

At LA TEVA WEB we have extensive experience working in SEO as an essential marketing channel on any website. Speaking of pages made with Wordpress, one of the many things we have learned is this: Doing SEO in Wordpress is not easy.

Wordpress is a very simple and intuitive content management system, creating new content and adding texts and images is very easy even for the less experienced users, which is why we may believe that doing SEO is as easy as installing a plugin... Well, that's not the case. Optimizing a website for search engine rankings is much more than that.

At La Teva Web we know all the details of the sector and we evolve with it. We create successful and lasting international and local SEO strategies over time, and we bring your website to the recognition it deserves. We also have a team specialized in programming and web design in Wordpress.

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Why is it more difficult to do SEO in Wordpress

  1. All Wordpress are very similar. Both in terms of functionalities and in visual appearance, the websites made with Wordpress share many similarities. This will make it more difficult for your company to stand out from the competition. It is essential to find what makes your company unique and use it to your advantage in your SEO strategy.
  2. More vulnerable. Wordpress is the most used CMS in the world, which also makes it the most attacked. Being free and open source, it means that the source code is available to everyone, including those with malicious intent for vulnerabilities.
  3. Automatically generated low content pages. When creating a Wordpress, many pages will generate, and a lot of them will not contribute anything to our SEO strategy and will index in search engines. Categories, labels, projects, authors, portfolios... Keeping track of the content we offer is a step to success.
  4. Low loading speed. The most famous CMS in the world can also make your page very slow. Install unnecessary plugins, themes, cache or the images uploaded... All this can make your website take many seconds to load, which would be a waste at SEO level.
  5. Few pages. Another similarity that many Wordpress share is that they have very little content to offer their users. It is not enough to show a home page, a services page and a blog post. Having a good content plan (categories, products, articles...) is essential for your website to appear in the maximum number of keywords possible and gain more traffic.
SEO Wordpress Barcelona

The importance of having an SEO professional for your Wordpress

Throughout our years of experience in SEO, there have been many web projects made in Wordpress that have come to our SEO agency because their website did not achieve the expected results.

The reason? The difficulties that we have discussed in the previous section: Plugins damaged or not updated, low loading speed, errors with automatic updates, non-responsive designs, excess pages with very little content ... Problems that would have been non-existent if encountered earlier and if our clients had hired an SEO expert in advance.

Do you also have a website developed in Wordpress but still do not have the visibility or organic traffic you need? SEO is a discipline that can get your company to the top of Google. However, it is not easy. Our advice? Trust our SEO specialists in Wordpress from La Teva Web.

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