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Web design

We design and programme from zero the website your company needs to success. What do you need?

Digital marketing

We purpose digital marketing strategies to match your customers, convert them and to build their loyalty:
Web agency Barcelona

Your web design and digital marketing agency in Barcelona

We are a web design and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, with more than 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes and sectors to have useful websites, well positioned and generating business. You will be in good hands.
Websites Barcelona

Heavy reasons to make your website with us

  • Custom web design
    Betting on a unique web design, and not on a pre-designed template, enhances your brand's value compared to your competitors.
  • Business-oriented websites
    We make beautiful websites, but not only that. We design the web that your customer is looking for.
  • Web, SEO and SEM agency
    There are SEO agencies, web design studios and SEM companies very capable in their field. But it is much more efficient to have an agency specialized in all three fields.
  • Proven experience
    For 20 years we have seen the birth and death of dozens of agencies around us, while our method and experience have allowed us to grow year after year.
  • With love
    We have long-term relationships with our clients. And that is possible because of our proximity, our ability to listen and understand their needs. We are in this together and if you win, we both win.
Web design Barcelona
Project study
We analyze your objectives, the target to which we address, and we study your competition. Based on the study, we present you a winning web project and digital marketing strategy.
Web design
Our web designers will want to know your preferences and industry references. They will propose you a custom web design of the main pages of your future website, which we will discuss, amend, and approve.
Web programming
Our web programmers create the web code so that it responds to the proposed design, and incorporates all the necessary functionalities. We perform quality and security tests of the page.
From a keyword research and a strategy that we will have agreed upon, we prepare the basics of the website to be crawled by search engines and be ready to position.
Online marketing and follow-up
Publishing the website is just the beginning. It needs to attract qualified traffic, become known and generate sales through SEO and SEM. We will follow up and make constant improvements to grow with you.

Success stories

Our greatest satisfaction is to see satisfied customers, who grow and expand by our hand. Here is a small sample:
Ladenac Milano
Ladenac, in the name of elegance and luxury
Web Design ecommerce wine
A new and very selective online store
web design la boqueria
La Boqueria
The best Barcelona web agency for the best market of Barcelona
Luxury jewellry e-commerce
Solanes joiers
Excitement and exclusivity in luxury jewelry in Tarragona
Web design for Sergio Llull of Real Madrid
Sergio Llull
The best player and the best web design in Madrid
Fes Més Web
Fes Més
The home DIY, at the best price
Web design, SEO and SEM Vila Hermanos
Vila Hermanos
Decorative and scented candles
Web design for Revlon
Revlon Professional Brands
A fashionable blog for Revlon
Web residence students
Barcelona Residencias
The residence designed for university students
doraemon official store
An official Prestashop agency for the official Doraemon store
Web design for La Boscana, restaurant with Michelin star
La Boscana
Unique space, unique kitchen and unique equipment
SYM web design
SYM the scooter brand
web design talquistina
A pure, soft and original web design


They trust us
Loreal online marketing
Doraemon e-commerce
SEO and SEM TUV-Rheinland
FESMÉS digital marketing
Agbar website
Landing page Haribo
Web design Talquistina
Heura e-commerce
Google Ads for Don Piso
Endesa website
Certio website and SEO
SYM web design
Website for Macbor
Website for the Government of Catalonia
Vichy Catalan web design
Pompeu Fabra University web design

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How much does a professional website cost?
The price of a website will depend on the technology, functionalities and web design requirements. Creating a professional website requires a lot of hours and love, so as in other sectors, cheap ends up being very expensive. Some aspects that affect the price of a website:
  • If you are going to have a custom web design or adapt a predesigned template. We only do custom web design projects.
  • Content, integrations and functionalities that the website will have.
  • What level of self-management by the client is desired. The optimal is to program a backend with a content management system (CMS), for greater autonomy of the web administrators.
How long does it take to build a website?

A web project done with love takes a minimum of 6 weeks, and from there it will depend on the difficulty of the project. The phases of a web page are:

  1. Study of the needs of the digital project, a briefing is collected from the client, and we analyze the competition.
  2. Analysis and definition of SEO positioning objectives.
  3. Web design phase.
  4. Website programming.
  5. Web site quality control, deployment and publication.
  6. If you want your new website to have visibility and conversions, we advise you to hire digital marketing services, especially SEO and SEM.
What is web design and what is it for?

Web design is the vision and graphic criteria that will allow your website to be unique, differentiate it from the competition, transmit brand values and connect with your potential customers.

In our agency in Barcelona we have expert web designers. We know what codes and criteria work at web level to connect with our potential users, and help us to convert with UX, UI and CRO criteria.

The design process of a website is the cornerstone of our projects. We start from scratch with a web design designed for our client, without the corset of templates. The result is unique and unrepeatable web pages.

What kind of websites do you build?

We make websites of all kinds. Mainly we make corporate websites and online stores for SMEs but also for big brands and institutional websites. In our portfolio you will see many examples, both B2B and B2C, and with a great variety of company types. We also make product catalogs, landing pages, microsites, blogs or booking portals.

What kind of web design do you do?

Whatever your company needs but always working with custom web design, our proposal will always be unique because we do not work with templates. In addition, our greatest virtues are that we have a large team of web designers with experience in many consumer and industrial sectors and, above all, we are not a digital agency specializing in a particular sector, but our specialty is based on studying each project in detail, and consequently propose a unique web design tailored to customer needs, but above all to the end user. Each project needs a different design and our mission is to create it. You can check it in our web portfolio

Do you only create websites for companies in Barcelona?

No. We are a web design agency based in Barcelona and we are closely linked to our city, which is a constant source of inspiration for us, but we are very lucky to have clients in six continents. In our portfolio you will see projects for authentic emblems of the city like the Barcelona City Hall or La Boqueria, but you will also see web or digital marketing clients from a large part of Catalonia (Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida), and from many towns like L'Hospitalet, Sabadell, Terrassa, Mataró or Sant Cugat, among many others. We also have a long history with clients from Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza...

Finally, our extensive experience and the technological possibilities have given us the opportunity to work on web, SEO and SEM projects in all seven continents, except Antarctica for now...

Do you build websites with WordPress? What CMS do you work with?

Yes, we develop websites with Wordpress, but not like most agencies: we keep the versatility of WP but we do custom WordPress web design, to obtain unique and SEO-ready websites. In Wordpress we have to take into account several aspects that are often not valued, and our experience with the tool has led us to learn that the most important thing about WordPress to create a powerful, fast and robust website is: custom design, custom programming, reduce the use of plugins, worry about security and never work with templates.

But we not only work with WordPress or create online stores in WooCommerce, we are also dedicated to the design of PrestaShop online stores, in fact we are one of the few Prestashop Partner agencies.

The only thing you do are websites?

No. We are a web agency and a sem agency and a digital marketing agency and a seo agency and, being all of these, our mission is simple: always achieve the maximum possible ROI for our clients by means of:

  • SEO positioning. We position web pages in Google like no one else, but SEO does not end here, we also work on SEO in Bing, Youtube, etc.
  • SEM Campaigns. We are one of the few Google Partner Premier 2023 and Microsoft Partner agencies. According to Google we are among the top 3% of SEM agencies in Europe.
  • Web analytics. We measure what happens on our website and campaigns to get the best results.
As a Google Premier Partner 2023, can I trust you with my Google Ads campaigns?
Yes. Of course, and they wouldn't be in better hands. Although there are many Google Partner agencies in Barcelona, ​​only 3% of all agencies in Europe are certified by Google as Google Partner Premier 2023. We are a select group of expert SEM agencies that follow Google's highest quality standards in terms of investment and results.

In addition to being certified and endorsed by Google at its highest range, our working method is absolutely transparent and flexible: the client retains ownership of the campaigns, can consult and edit them as he wishes, can consult the exact cost of each them, and we do not have any type of permanence. We are so sure of our professionalism and that you will obtain good results, that we don't need any strings attached. Oh! and we are also Microsoft Advertising Partners 2023.
How are the online stores that you offer?
As a Barcelona agency specialized in ecommerce, we have been designing custom online stores for 20 years, always improving their features to maximize sales and ROI. Thus:
  • We program and design custom online stores, far from stores with templates to which many agencies only change the logo and upload the catalog
  • We choose the best technology based on the project requirements: number of products, payment methods, connections with external tools, etc.
  • As a certified PrestaShop agency, we are experts in designing PrestaShop stores but also programming with WordPress WooCommerce.
  • Our mission is always to create unique virtual stores oriented to SEO positioning in order to obtain maximum profitability.

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