Web design and digital marketing made in Barcelona

Web design and digital marketing made in Barcelona

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A good web design

We are LA TEVA WEB, a web design and online marketing company in Barcelona. We understand web design and online marketing as two sides of the same coin.

We propose the very best online strategy, creating effective, bespoke websites for our clients and effective online marketing strategies.

We develop online marketing strategies for companies, focusing efforts on SEO and pay-per-click or SEM advertising campaigns. We also work as well on advertising and communication on social networks. Let us take your website to where your customers are.

We are located in the centre of Barcelona and we invite you to put us to the test.

Online digital experts

A website, no matter how beautiful it may look, does not make sense or pay off if it does not have an online marketing strategy that has been correctly devised and deployed. Our specialty is to achieve that potential customers reach your web page or e-commerce, and once they are on the web we will guide them towards the results you are looking for: forms, phone calls or online purchases.

We develop tailor-made online marketing strategies, focusing our efforts on SEO positioning and pay-per-click or SEM advertising campaigns, as well as working with other online marketing tools such as social media communication or email marketing.

Web design

Our major advantage: Custom-designed for the client

We have over 19 years experience in web design. We have worked on a large number of web design and optimization projects, online shop designs, strategies for social networks, social media and website design. We cover each and every need that your company may have in relation to online marketing and web design, and we take charge of the entire process. We work for companies and organizations of all sizes, in Barcelona, Spain and abroad.
19 years in the shoes of our customers

Web design and digital marketing clients

Some of the clients that have already trusted us for the design of their website and the implementation of a successful online marketing strategy
Doraemon e-commerce
SEO for Fluimucil
don piso
Endesa website
Certio website and SEO
SYM web design
Website for the Government of Catalonia
Vichy Catalan web design
Pompeu Fabra University web design

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