SEM agency Barcelona

SEM agency Barcelona

As an SEM agency based in Barcelona, ​​at LA TEVA WEB we manage SEM campaigns or pay-per-click ampaigns. The best-known campaigns are Google Adwords ads. In these advertising campaigns, the customer pays a certain amount of money per visit or click from the search engine.

Said campaigns permit segmentation by keywords and the selection of a price the company is prepared to pay per click as well as the definition of a daily or monthly budget from which each click will be deducted.

These campaigns are recommended for the launch of new websites until a good natural positioning is obtained in the results of the search engine.

SEM - PPC agency Barcelona

Our advantage: SEM agency certified by Google

LA TEVA WEB is a Google Partner agency, this means not only that we show proficiency in AdWords, but also that we offer a competitive advantage to clients, we deliver quality customer service and that we have received training from Google to help grow your businesses online. As a Google Partner agency, we have the official badge of approval and we are constantly being evaluated to the highest standards.
Google Partner Premier 2022
We squeeze every euro invested in advertising to optimize results
online marketing agency Barcelona

What SEM tools and campaigns do we work with?

We have specialists in the major SEM platform of the market: Google Ads. We can help you create and optimize pay per click campaigns such as:

We are also specialized in the design and optimization of social media advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads, that allow advertising on Facebook, Instagram and its partners.

We also have experience in other SEM platforms SEM such as Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Criteo or Adroll.

Do you need help with your SEM campaigns?

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