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We are specialists in Google Ads, Meta Ads and Bing Ads campaigns. We are also part of the 3% of Google Partners in Spain.
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SEM agency focused on improving your results

As experts in SEM campaigns, we will study your case and recommend the best channels and strategies to always obtain the maximum profitability in paid campaigns. As an agency created more than 20 years ago in Barcelona, we work with many types of platforms and campaign formats. From Google Ads or Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram), to Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads), LinkedIn Ads and programmatic advertising.

Being a Google Partner Premier means that Google considers us to be among the best agencies in Spain to manage your Google Ads campaigns. All our SEM experts are directly certified by Google. Not to mention that we are also a Microsoft Partner, which makes us one of the best Microsoft Ads agencies not only in Barcelona, but in the whole of Spain.

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With Premium SEM tools

We work with the best SEM tools to analyse, monitor and optimise all aspects of campaigns. From market research and trend analysis to simulations, performance monitoring and conversion tracking. Always focused on the constant optimisation of your campaigns.
Choosing the best SEM tools allows us to understand the market needs, creating and optimising your paid advertising campaigns.
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Our method for success in your SEM campaigns

Our methodology for SEM campaigns has been implemented and improved for more than 20 years, always achieving valuable results. When it comes to our work, we approach a SEM campaign not as an isolated element, but as a part of the integral strategy of your business that we must promote in harmony with the rest of the parts.
Target and market analysis

It is essential that we are able to understand the objectives you are pursuing with each digital advertising campaign and what you want to achieve for your business. Defining your potential customer (buyer persona) and identifying your competitors' strategy allows us to analyse good and bad practices in your sector.

SEM strategy and keywords

The analysis of our Ads specialists will lead to a strategic proposal, always aimed at generating business for you. We will define which channels we are going to work with, in which countries, with what type of campaigns and ads, and how to monitor each result. It will be key to define calendars and available budgets in accordance with the defined objectives.

KPIs and performance measurement

We will define with you what goals and conversions you want to achieve through SEM ads. That is, understand what actions are valuable to you, whether they are transactions, form leads or other specific actions on the web. We will set up the analytics and tracking tools to measure the performance of the campaigns, giving you a visual dashboard to make it easy for you to know all the details.

Conversion tracking

Once the SEM campaigns are up and running, we analyse the data obtained through the tracking tools. In this way we implement improvements in the campaigns continuously, not only based on data and results, but also on our experience and permanent communication with you. This is undoubtedly the best way to maximise conversions, improve results and meet the objectives set.

Optimisation of advertisements

Pay Per Click campaigns need to be constantly optimised to achieve maximum return on investment. In addition, we choose to be proactive, being able to react at the right time and improve the performance of the ads thanks to the data obtained. The use of analytical tools allows us to adapt SEM campaigns to your business priorities, but also to the market, competition, seasonality or any other circumstance that may arise.

A SEM agency that responds to your needs

We specialise in Google Ads, Meta Ads or Microsoft Ads campaigns, but we also work with other PPC (or pay-per-click) platforms as long as they bring you value.

Google Ads

Become part of Google's ecosystem through its paid advertising platform, achieving a prominent presence.

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Meta Ads

We create and target your ads to a specific audience in the largest social network of users that exists.

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Social ads

We help you find your target in social media and connect with them through the ad formats that are best suited.

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Google Shopping

We create advertisements focused on your products, highlighting the image of the product and its price, making it easier to purchase.

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Google Display

Image ads that we target to websites and apps through important criteria for your business.

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Bing Ads

With ads in the Microsoft Advertisement ecosystem, we help businesses reach their relevant audiences through personalized experiences.

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Endorsed by the media

The sector's specialized press recognizes our methodology and experience.
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Frequently asked questions about SEM

What is SEM?
SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which we could define as a set of marketing actions aimed at boosting our visibility on search engines. Although over time, it has ended up being assimilated with online ad campaigns, especially in search engines, but not only in them.
What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
The essential difference is that for an SEM click we will pay directly for it, while the SEO click is organic and we will not pay directly for that action. This does not mean that SEO is free, far from it, as it requires a lot of effort, knowledge and experience. A second fundamental difference is that an SEM action has an immediate impact, a matter of minutes, while the impact of an SEO action is long term.
Are Social Ads SEM?
Although strictly speaking they should not be, as network ads do not attack on a search engine but within the private spaces of each network, in practice many agencies and professionals have included them in SEM, as in the end they are PPC campaigns similar to Google Ads, but in other areas.
Does doing SEM help SEO?
Not directly. It will not give us more points, and the moment we disconnect a campaign we will receive 0 clicks, unless we have worked on SEO and other channels on the other side. However, if through SEM we attract qualified traffic to our website, and this has a good user experience, this could benefit us at SEO level. Think further, because SEM can give us many clues about what we can work on at SEO level, especially in terms of keywords.
What are the best SEM platforms or tools?
The best known and most widely used main platform worldwide is Google Ads. But it is not the only one, for many projects Microsoft Ads or Amazon Ads can work great for you. If we consider Social Ads within SEM, we should include Meta Ads (Facebook Ads + Instagram) as a platform, and other interesting platforms for certain projects such as Linkedin Ads or Twitter Ads.
Can I manage SEM campaigns myself or do I need a specialist or a SEM agency?
It depends on the type of platform used, and the objectives and casuistry of the campaigns. They are generally easy tools to set up in a basic way, but very complex to understand in depth. They also require constant review and keeping up to date with changes in the tools. For complex campaigns and to optimise performance to the maximum, it is always preferable to rely on agencies specialised in SEM, such as ours.
What SEM certificates do you have?
We are a verified SEM agency for Google Ads (Premier Partner), Meta Ads and Bing Ads. This proves our experience with the tools, having active campaigns with very important investments, and having well-trained SEM specialists who are always up to date with the latest developments.
What is the difference between SEM and PPC?
Nowadays they are used synonymously, as they include paid traffic acquisition sources. Although technically SEM was a much broader concept, and included organic and non-organic actions on search engines. In addition, the PPC concept refers to pay-per-click campaigns, and these can be on or off search engines. Finally, it should be noted that many SEM campaigns no longer work on a pay-per-click basis; Display campaigns, for example, are billed on a per-impression basis.

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