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Digital marketing, and particularly online marketing, is ideal for designing segmented and personalised marketing strategies that target individuals rather than the masses, allowing for quick and measurable results.

As a digital marketing agency, we have the multidisciplinary team, the experience, the knowledge and the tools necessary to design an online tailor-made strategy that meets your objectives. And we are proud to be one of the few digital agencies that do not outsource any service, so we can control the entire process, from start to finish, to offer you the best results and, always, from a perspective focused on generating business for you.

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With premium digital marketing tools

We work with the best digital marketing tools to analyse and monitor all aspects of our online strategies: SEO and UX/UI usability audits, keyword studies, SERP position monitoring, SEO On Page analysis, linkbuilding, SEM pay per click campaigns, social media management, advanced analytics and much more.

We work with the best digital marketing tools to analyse and monitor all aspects of our online strategies.
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Digital marketing agency Barcelona

Our methodology as a digital marketing agency

Our proven methodology allows us to always focus on results and growth strategies for your business in the medium and long term. To achieve this, we take care of everything from the creation of your website or online shop, to SEO positioning complemented by a SEM strategy using Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising or ads on social media. The measurement of results is carried out thanks to analytics and thus be able to monitor and redesign online strategies in order to obtain the results set.

We analyse your business and goals

First of all we must understand your business, market, competitors and potential customers (buyer persona). We must identify the strategy of your competitors and jointly set measurable and realistic medium and long term objectives.

We define how we reach your client

We investigate where we will find and impact our buyer persona, to define the best online strategies and channels for this. It is time to define the decision and purchase processes of our target audience, analysis and choice of keywords, and define the digital channels we will use to attract clients. We will talk about SEO web positioning, SEM advertising, inbound, social media, always depending on what your project needs and in those aspects in which we can add value.

Web design

Generally any project requires the design and programming of a website, e-commerce or the optimisation of an existing website. This process includes from the definition of the web architecture and content generation to the design and programming of the website always following the criteria of usability, CRO and SEO optimisation.

We implement online strategies

Once we have set the objectives to be achieved, we know where our clients are and we have an optimised website to direct them to, it is time to implement our digital marketing plan combining the chosen channels: organic positioning or SEO, Google Ads, social media, etc.

We analyse and monitor results

All online campaigns must be analysed constantly and in detail to ensure that we are meeting the objectives to be achieved.  We create customised monitoring reports and periodically meet to evaluate them. This is the time for analytics, monitoring key metrics in real time, consultancy and constant feedback with the client.

We propose and implement improvements

Once the results have been analysed, it is time to make improvements and new proposals to continue growing. We will adjust campaigns and strategies from a perspective of constant improvement and we will adapt to changes in the environment, market or any strategic and priority changes in your project.

Digital MK services to sell more

We are among the best agencies in several disciplines: web design, online shops, SEO or SEM, among other services.

Web design

Discover our design and programming services tailored to all types of web pages

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Online stores

If you don't have an online store, we help you build it. If you already have it, we accompany you to sell more

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We are specialists in positioning web pages in Google and other search engines

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We manage and optimize pay-per-click campaigns to the cent. Get the maximum return

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Social Media

We help you to have an appropriate and fruitful presence in Social Networks, as well as in Social Paid campaigns

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Web Analytics

It is very important to measure what happens on our website, in order to analyze and make good decisions

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Selling in the largest marketplace seems easy, but it is not. Neither are the Amazon Ads campaigns.

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Email marketing

Take advantage of this channel to attract customers, retain them, increase recurrence and generate brand exposure

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We answer your questions about Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing refers to the different strategies that are carried out through the Internet to promote a brand, company or business.

The highlight of digital marketing is the possibility of creating multichannel campaigns through different digital media that allow us to reach all types of audiences.
What is digital marketing for and what are its advantages?
Digital marketing has different functions depending on the objectives of each company or brand.

One of the main functions is to increase brand awareness and visibility through advertising campaigns. It is also important to improve the conversions of a business using different strategies.

The great advantage that digital marketing offers us is the vast amount of information that we can obtain regarding audiences and the results of the different advertising campaigns.
What is a digital marketing agency?
A digital marketing agency is a company that employs a team of people who manage different clients for whom they carry out tasks of web design, planning and implementation of digital marketing plans tailored to each company in order to assume the objectives of the clients.

La Teva Web is a digital marketing agency in Barcelona with great professionals from different fields of design, programming, and digital marketing.
How does a digital marketing agency work and how does it work?
In a digital marketing agency, professionals from multiple fields work to meet the needs and objectives of each client.

When a company contacts a digital marketing agency, a meeting is held to analyze their objectives and how they can be met. From here, different tasks are carried out to obtain the results desired by the brand or company.
Why hire a digital marketing agency?
A digital marketing agency stands out for its extensive experience, as it works for different clients, each with different objectives.

Digital marketing experts know what kind of strategies to apply to achieve the desired benefits.
What is a digital marketing plan?
A digital marketing plan is a document that expresses the objectives to be achieved and the strategies and planning to be carried out to obtain them.

It is necessary to be as concrete as possible to know the strategy that is carried out during the process.
How to implement a digital marketing strategy?
There are different ways to implement a digital marketing strategy.

Mainly you must take into account the objectives of each client and then you can create advertising campaigns or organic strategies that increase the visibility of the brand or increase the conversions of a business.
Why should you use digital marketing in your business?
We live in a 100% digital world, where user behavior is concentrated in digital media, therefore, if you want to reach a segmented and ideal audience for your business you must be present on the internet, and the best way to do this is through strategies that give you visibility and improve your results.
How can I know what kind of strategy is best for my company?
In order to choose the best strategy for a company, an initial audit is carried out, in which all relevant elements are analyzed in order to develop a good marketing plan and apply the optimal and successful strategy for the company in question.
SEO, SEM, content, email marketing, social networks... Which is better?
There is no one action better than another. A website may need different strategies to achieve its objectives, or, on the contrary, it may use only one that allows it to improve its results.

During the initial analysis of the website, we will determine which strategy is best for each company and we will carry it out considering all possible options.
What is the difference between online marketing and digital marketing?

Online marketing is encompassed within digital marketing and is that part of marketing that uses the Internet with the aim of generating online business for companies through the use of websites, social media, Seo, SEM and content marketing among others. Digital marketing, on the other hand, includes all interactive communication such as TV commercials. We explain more about the differences between digital and online marketing in this post:

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