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The convenience and comfort of buying whilst at home or in the office at any online shop, combined with increased confidence in online purchasing, the incorporation of a younger audience joining the ranks of consumers and the greater penetration of tablets and smartphones, have all meant that in recent years there has been an unstoppable growth in electronic commerce in Spain.
Custom online stores

Our advantage: business vision in e-commerce

At LA TEVA WEB we have spent over 19 years creating online shops, of all sizes and complexities, and we know that design and custom programming of the online shop alone is not enough. The online shop design must be accompanied by a complete online marketing strategy focused on the optimization of the virtual shop on Google and its presence on social networks.

The design of an e-commerce must be accompanied by an initial business approach and a complete online marketing strategy, focused on SEO of the e-commerce in Google, advertising campaigns with platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Google Shopping, and its presence in social networks.

Our bespoke online stores offer advanced solutions that surpass any CMS in the market, such as Prestashop or WooCommerce, and are tailored specifically to your needs. In addition, we are accredited as a Prestashop Partner agency.

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Buying online is very easy. Sell, very complicated
E-commerce Barcelona


As an eCommerce agency, LA TEVA WEB SL handles the design of totally bespoke e-commerce, in line with your corporate image and adaptable to the characteristics of your products.

This professional e-commerce solution enables you to manage your own online shop both easily and quickly, without needing programming or web design expertise, through a simple management panel for the online shop.

From the administration panel you will be able to update your virtual product catalogue, inserting new product lines, updating products, changing prices, inserting new special offers or quickly and easily making enquiries about your orders and clients.

At LA TEVA WEB SL we have spent over 19 years creating e-commerce, of all sizes and complexities, and we know that design and programming of the online shop alone is not enough. The online shop design must be accompanied by a complete online marketing strategy focused on the optimization of the virtual shop on Google and its presence on social networks.

E-commerce Barcelona

General characteristics of the shop

  • The orders, clients and products are stored on a database that can be easily consulted via web-administration.
  • Clients can check their purchase history and the status of their orders once registered.
  • Clients can change their user profile details from their client section.
  • Multiple delivery addresses per user, for gifts for example
  • Search for products filtered by diverse fields (manufacturer, type…)
  • Possibility of allowing users to score/evaluate products purchased, as well as comment upon them.
  • Global list or by category of the best selling products and products most viewed.
  • The products will be classified by manufacturer and/or brand and family. Each product will have a spec sheet with diverse photographs, price and description.
  • Dynamic relations between products, thereby generating related products. Automatic generation of outstanding products.

What you should know about your online store

What is an online store?
We can define as an online store that web page where products or services are offered, which have a sale price, and can be purchased digitally on this website. Therefore, online stores would not be websites with a catalog but without online sales enabled, or websites that provide information on products and prices but link to a third website where the user carries out the transaction.
What does it take to have an online store?
In essence you need, to launch an online store: 1) a web infrastructure prepared to sell online; 2) products or services with retail prices; 3) online payment methods enabled and 4) configure shipping, privacy, legal and cookie policies. Good and like any web 5) hosting and domain. These are the essentials, although there are many more recommended
How does the process of creating an online store work?
The process of creating a professional online store is as follows: 1) Study of the product, potential customer, value proposition and competition; 2) Design of the online store; 3) Programming of the virtual store; 4) Upload of product and other content; 5) e-commerce configurations (payments, shipments...); 6) Publication of the store; and the most important, 7) Promotion of the store: SEO, SEM, etc.
How much does it cost to open an online store?
Opening a simple online store to test a product is cheap, but a professional online store requires hundreds of hours of web design, development, configuration, content generation and upload, etc. It is therefore a significant investment, but in any case it will always be a negligible investment if we compare it with opening a physical store in the same sector.
What platforms do you use to create online stores?
Depending on the needs of the project (budget, number of products, functionalities or external connections), we can propose online stores based on Wordpress - Woocommerce, Prestashop or with custom developments.
Do you carry out the design and programming of the online store to measure?
Yes, in this way your online store will be unique at the design level (exclusivity, originality) and will comply with the functionalities that your client requires. This also gives us many more possibilities to evolve the store, and work on the Google positioning of your products and categories.
Why hire an agency to create my online store?
It is the best guarantee that you will get a professional online store: with the best technology, design that impacts, and optimized to convert and retain your users.
How can we start selling online?
The essential thing is to already have the e-commerce fully operational. You must configure and test that the user can carry out the entire online purchase process without problems
How will I know if my online store is well positioned in Google?
Perform searches on Google regarding the most important keywords for your e-commerce: the generic concept of the store, categories, brands or specific products. If you do not find yourself prominently, then you must improve your SEO, which you can also combine with SEM campaigns.
How can I improve the design of my online store to increase sales?
Carrying out usability tests on various devices and browsers, and analyzing user behavior with analytical tools, session recordings or heat maps. Possible changes can also be tested through A/B tests. Our e-commerce specialists will advise you on what type of design and usability helps conversion the most
Can we sell physical and/or digital products in our online store?
Yes. Electronic commerce has evolved a lot. We can configure so that orders for physical products are served in your online store, but also virtual services or products (courses, files, etc.)
Once I have my online store, will I need to contract maintenance?
We program all our online stores so that you have total autonomy regarding the management of the catalog (products, brands, categories...), as well as other dynamic elements such as the Blog. However, an online store is something delicate and complex at the level of programming and functionalities, so it is always advisable to have a few hours of maintenance and support because doubts and problems arise on a day-to-day basis. It is also highly recommended, in the event that you are not a specialist, to hire services to give visibility to my store and products, through SEO and SEM positioning.
What forms of payment do you recommend installing?
It will depend on the type of target user, their Internet habits, country of residence and average ticket. There are payment methods that are progressively disused (cash on delivery or bank transfer), and payment by bank card through bank POS continues to be the most common and reliable method. In turn, alternative online payment systems (Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Pay or Apple Pay, among others) have proliferated over the years, which are interesting for giving the user a variety of options. Finally, if your average ticket exceeds certain amounts, it is highly recommended to also offer financing and/or payment options in installments.

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