Custom websites

Custom websites

We are specialists in web programming and we undertake projects of all sizes.
Custom websites Barcelona

We undertake projects of all sizes

At La Teva Web we are specialists in web programming and we undertake projects of all sizes. We prefer to develop dynamic programming with PHP language and MySQL databases and using Laravel framework, as they are the most widely-used technologies on a global level and they provide great benefits in relation to other platforms, given that its is free software and supported by all types of servers and operating systems, allowing complete flexibility when it comes to migrating between servers and neither do they represent any cost in licensing.

A web is like a good suit, only if it fits you it allows to shine all our virtues
Custom sites

Always escalable

We have our own system for the creation of websites. This system not only allows the management of content by clients but it also provides a plus in terms of security. In addition, it is designed in order to achieve great results in terms of SEO or search engine optimisation, which will have a direct impact on achieving great results on Google among many other main search engines.

On the other hand, our manager is scalable: you can start with a project of little scope and make extensions, such as the incorporation of new languages, dynamic contents and many other functionalities.

The limits of your website are those of your imagination

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