WordPress WooCommerce Online Store Design

WordPress WooCommerce Online Store Design

WooCommerce is the WordPress online store plugin and is the most widely used ecommerce platform in the world. It is the ideal solution if you want to combine a corporate website with an online store, you already have a WordPress website or you need an online store that is very flexible and has a medium to small product catalog.

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The online store with all the power of WordPress

WooCommerce works in the WordPress environment, so we can take advantage of all WordPress features. This makes it for example the best platform for online stores where it is necessary to create complex and very visual product cards, without the classic limitation of other platforms where all product sheets have to follow the same structure. It is also the best choice for those web projects where you want to combine a complete corporate website with an online store.

The use of plugins in WordPress gives us multiple functionalities and possibilities to configure the store you really need without large investments in programming and, in addition, it is easy to integrate with multiple transport providers, payment methods, digital marketing tools and endless possibilities.

WooCommerce is the most popular platform for online stores
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WooCommerce, always with custom web design

We are one of the few web design agencies in Barcelona that works all its web designs to be tailor-made. This allows us to design your online store always to be custom made, without ever using templates, in order to offer you a different online store, with the design you need to reinforce your brand. We also apply the latest trends in web design, usability and CRO strategies. That is why we get your online store in WooCommerce to attract traffic, convert and retain customers. In other words: that makes you sell.

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Stable, secure and quality WooCommerce

We have a team of expert programmers in online stores and, particularly, in WooCommerce. Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of web programming and digital marketing, we can program fast, stable and secure online stores that offer all the guarantees that your online business needs. In addition, we always offer you the technical maintenance that any online store needs, to keep your online store always updated with plugins and WordPress and the digital marketing strategy that your business needs, in terms of SEO, SEM, CRO... So you can forget about the technical aspects and focus on what really matters: making your online business work.

Frequently asked questions about WooCommerce Online Store Design

How many stores use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most used online store CMS in Spain and worldwide. In 2023, 26% of online stores in Spain are built on WooCommerce, 23% worldwide. Source: Builtwith

Is it advisable to use WooCommerce for stores with many products?

In our experience, WooCommerce is recommended for small to medium catalogs, but not for very large catalogs. Unfortunately we can not say a maximum number of products as it depends on languages, tab fields, server, etc.

Is it necessary to carry out technical maintenance of our WooCommerce?

Without a doubt. WordPress is a very good product, flexible and powerful, but it requires careful monitoring in terms of security and stability. This is due to its idiosyncrasy: use of plugins, open source code and permanent updates of the WordPress core. Plugins and WordPress itself must be kept up to date and its stability must be monitored.

Do you do custom WooCommerce web design?

Yes, we never use templates and we only work with tailor-made web design. This allows us to create an online store in WordPress totally customized and different from the rest to boost your brand above the rest.

Is it necessary to renew the plugins of our WooCommerce?

Plugins are functionalities programmed by third parties that we implement in your online store, saving you many hours of programming and costs. These plugins must be updated periodically and some are paid.

How many plugins should be installed on a WooCommerce?

Very few. We only use proven plugins that provide differential functionalities. By using few plugins we ensure the stability, security, speed and proper functioning of our WooCommerce.

Is it possible to do SEO with WooCommerce?

Unlike other online stores, WooCommerce and WordPress are not SaaS, i.e. we can access the code and make all the modifications we need to work on SEO at a technical level. That is why WordPress is a very good option to work the SEO of our online store.

What other digital marketing strategies are recommended?

As a digital marketing agency in Barcelona with more than 20 years of experience, we recommend you to work, in addition to web positioning, online advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Meta Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

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