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Creating a website is a complex process. It is not enough to design attractive websites, we must create websites that convey the message the client wishes. At LA TEVA WEB we have experience in the world of strategic consultancy and that is our main competitive advantage: we know the market and the corporate world, which helps us to convey the message you require.

Corporate web design

Our advantage: a great expertise

At LA TEVA WEB SL we have spent nealy two decades focused on corporate web design, in other words, designing corporate website for companies.

A website for any company is a key element in that company’s marketing strategy and must be created and designed in accordance with the corporate image of same and the company’s objectives. Corporate web design must be easily understood, usable and must clearly communicate the message that the visitor will receive and remember. It must simultaneously adapt to the market targeted by your company, the design and organization of a consumer products website is not the same as that of a company targeting the industrial market, it must communicate in the manner that its clients expect it to.

Finally, the evolution of the Internet and web design means that companies are increasingly focusing their interest on online marketing, demanding increasingly complex websites that do not simply inform users but that facilitate the user-company interaction.

It is not enough to design attractive websites
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A corporate website should enable you to:

  • Provide all the information you wish about your products and company, at any time, facilitating the purchase of your products rather than those of your competitors. Facilitate online assistance for your sales executives and distributors that will enable them to better promote your products.
  • Establish relations. Create loyalty and agility in your relationships with clients and suppliers.
  • Create brand and company image.
  • Quickly adapt to market conditions. You will be able to quickly add products and services.
  • Listen to your current and potential clients.
  • Increase your market share and have a presence abroad.

Lastly, it must be noted that any web design we undertake always adapts to the corporate image of the client.

Do you also need a corporate website to enter the online world through the front door? Contact us, we will be happy to offer you our web design services and the best solutions for your company's web project.

You may be wondering this:

What is a corporative web?
A corporate website is a website designed to represent a company or business, showing its information, services, products and values. Their main goal is to build trust and attract potential customers.
How to make a corporate website?
To make a corporate website it is important to define your objectives, the buyer persona, plan the structure and content, choose a development platform, propose a unique web design that represents the company well, and that it is programmed professionally.
How should a corporate website be?
A corporate website is the digital business card of a company. A corporate website must be faithful to what the company is, represents and offers. Consistent with our image, tone, and that is clear about what we do and who we are addressing.
Can I see examples of corporate websites?
Of course. You must investigate and be inspired by corporate websites in your sector, and why not, from others. In our portfolio you will find some examples of corporate websites.
How much does a corporate website cost?
It will depend on the requirements at the web design and development level, which vary greatly depending on the company, the web project and its objectives. In a corporate website, we should spare no economic efforts, since when it is well planned it can be a great source of business, while when it is poorly planned it can scare away potential clients.
What are the essential elements of a corporate website?
It is essential that a corporate website provides exhaustive information about the company: what our company does, what its history has been, what is its organization and team, its facilities. You should also expose the services or products you offer and offer potential customers contact options.
What benefits does a corporate website bring to my company?
From the outset, it provides us with a perfect virtual business card, universal and available 24/7/365. If it is also done with an SEO and CRO vision, your corporate website can also be a true machine for generating business.
How long does it take to design and develop a corporate website?
Depending on the scope and difficulty of the project. You must bear in mind that for it to go well and work, as a company you must also get involved in the project and send the agency all the feedback and material required in a timely manner. In any case, a website with custom web design and development for your company needs time, and it will take an average of between three and six months.
What technologies and CMS do you use to develop corporate websites?
To begin with, a corporate website is not an e-commerce, so we are not going to need specialized technologies for these functionalities. Today, most corporate websites can be resolved optimally in resources with Wordpress, or with own developments in PHP.
How is SEO integrated into the design of a corporate website?
If we intend to organically position a corporate website, we should decide at the beginning and hire an agency that not only knows web design, but is also an SEO specialist. A study of keywords must be carried out, which will condition the structure of the resulting website. You should bear in mind that a web design for SEO must incorporate spaces for positioning-oriented text content on all pages, and have pages mainly designed for SEO (blog, portfolio, FAQs, etc).

Your company can have a unique corporate website