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Web design for LEQUIA, a research group at the University of Girona.
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Official website of the research group Lequia

The Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratory (LEQUIA) of the University of Girona is a renowned university research group, comprised of researchers from various disciplines. This team works with the goal of innovating in the wastewater treatment sector, offering cutting-edge and sustainable technological solutions. Their work is aimed at reducing operational costs and improving the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of water treatment practices.

For the dissemination of their work and to facilitate the sharing of their research, we have developed and programmed the LEQUIA website. This digital platform is created with PHP and uses MySQL databases, configured to be fully self-manageable by the client, allowing easy content management. On the website, detailed information about the research group can be found, including their scientific publications, directed theses, and information about the academic staff involved in the projects.

The page is designed to be a valuable resource for both the scientific community and the general public interested in innovations and advancements in wastewater treatment, reflecting LEQUIA's commitment to research excellence and environmental sustainability.

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