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08 / 04 / 2013

You can now use fb.com

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You can now use fb.com
In Internet we tend to shorten all URLs as much as possible, hence the success of webs such as tinyurl.com. We like to do this in order to avoid mistakes and, above all, write less. Therefore Facebook.com already allows your pages to work with fb.com  instead of facebook.com. Therefore,you can access our Facebook page either through facebook.com/latevaweb or fb.com/latevaweb

We cannot say that it's a giant step in the evolution of Facebook but it is one of these little things that make our lives easier, at least to those designers who have tried to incorporate the direction of our Facebook for our business cards or corporate material, it is not easy to fit long urls such as facebook.com /latevaweb in a c.

Google plus could take note and start using friendly urls. Have you tried putting https://plus.google.com/118305846280254709140/ on your business card? Impossible mission.  At least we could work with https://plus.google.com/latevaweb

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