Ecommerce, SEO and SEM strategy for Ahuyentando

In the project for Ahuyentando, we are in charge of designing a totally personalized ecommerce, also implementing advanced SEO and SEM strategies to maximize visibility and audience attraction.
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Specialists in scares and pest control

Ahuyentando is a leading company in the pest control solutions sector, specialising in offering innovative and effective products for the home and industry. With a presence in the Spanish market, Ahuyentando is dedicated to the sale of electronic devices that help repel a wide range of pests, guaranteeing a safe solution.

In this project, a complete strategy was created that not only improved Ahuyentando's visibility, but also positioned the brand as a benchmark in its sector. The strategy included a complete website design, the implementation of a SEO campaign and the development of a SEM strategy.

Ecommerce design for Ahuyentando

The design of Ahuyentando's website focuses on improving the user experience and increasing sales. It implements a responsive design that ensures smooth navigation from any device. The structure of the site is optimised for easy search and navigation, with well-defined categories and clear, well-defined filters. The homepage includes customer testimonials, a FAQ section, and practical tips to reinforce trust and credibility among users. 

It also uses colours in shades of green and white to convey a sense of calm, balance and naturalness. Shades of green are associated with nature, while white brings clarity and cleanliness, visually enlarging the space and improving readability. This combination is especially effective on websites focusing on wellness, ecology and health. In terms of typography, modern and accessible fonts are used to ensure good legibility.

SEO and SEM strategy for Ahuyentando 

Firstly, to improve organic positioning, sector-specific keyword research was carried out to attract relevant traffic. All content on the site was optimised, ensuring that it was both informative and conversion-oriented, including these keywords in titles, meta descriptions and headings, which improve visibility in search results.

In parallel, once the website was launched, a SEM campaign was launched focusing on capturing quality traffic through Google Ads. This allows Ahuyentando to appear in the top positions for competitive and relevant searches. The strategy has been complemented with a series of retargeting ads designed to re-engage users who have visited the website but not made a purchase.

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