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Do you need the creation of a PrestaShop online shop focused on getting all the sales and results that your business deserves? At La Teva Web we are a team of PrestaShop experts and PrestaShop Partner Agency. We are accredited as an expert agency in web design and development of online shops with PrestaShop. With discipline and effort, we have positioned ourselves as one of the best PrestaShop agencies in Barcelona.

Our versatile team of PrestaShop experts combines their talent and high experience in design, web development and digital marketing to create the most successful PrestaShop shops. Trust the creation of your PrestaShop ecommerce to La Teva Web and enter the online world through the front door.


The best Prestashop experts in Barcelona

At La Teva Web we are one of the most prominent Prestashop Partner agencies in Barcelona. Our eCommerce agency has been officially endorsed by Prestashop as a Silver Partner Agency, this authenticates us as experts in all the areas and competencies required for the creation of an ecommerce with Prestashop focused on real results.

At our Prestashop agency in Barcelona we have a dynamic, multidisciplinary and, above all, brave team. We like what we do and that is why all our designs and web developments are carried out with complete dedication, perfecting every detail and our highest ambition being the same as that of our clients: Bringing an online store focused on sell more and better and destined to become an essential sales channel for the company.

La Teva Web's team of Prestashop experts perfectly masters all the work disciplines that participate in the composition of the most successful ecommerce. Our Prestashop Barcelona agency is accredited as experts in the skills of Design and UX, custom development, ecommerce consulting, development of custom modules, SEO and SEM.

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5 reasons to choose La Teva Web as your Prestashop agency

We want to make the decision to choose your Prestashop agency very easy. So we highlight here the 5 advantages that you’ll get with your new Prestashop made by La Teva Web: 

  1. We are Prestashop Partner Agency. La Teva Web is a Prestashop Partner agency. What officially accredits us as experts in the development and design of Prestashop ecommerces. With our agency you will get a quality store, efficient and focused on selling from the first moment.
  2. Custom Prestashop design. Your business is one of a kind, so it deserves an online store to match, original and different. Absolutely all the web designs in Prestashop that we make are completely exclusive and tailored to each company. We guarantee 100% that there will not be an online store in Prestashop like yours.
  3. Unique modules. Just as we design your Prestashop ecommerce to measure, we also do not stop to install only the basic modules that Prestashop offers us by default. If your online store needs a unique or new functionality, our developers will create it just for you.
  4. SEO for Prestashop. Our extensive experience in Google positioning of hundreds of web projects has taught us that, to achieve the best results, SEO must be a main pillar in the first foundations of the web. All our Prestashop online stores are structured and prepared for SEO ranking.
  5. Sell ​​from the first moment. In addition to the design and development of your Prestashop e-commerce, we also help you, if you need it, to configure shipments, taxes, carriers ... etc. Everything you need to give you the keys to your Prestashop so that you can start selling from day one.
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SEO for Prestashop

Prestashop experts in online shop ranking

Once you have created and launched your new PrestaShop online shop, the adventure doesn't end there. At La Teva Web we are fully aware that every online shop needs SEO to increase its visibility and reputation on search engines, in order to reach the top positions on Google for the most relevant and fruitful searches for your business.

Our digital marketing team, as fierce specialists in SEO for PrestaShop, will elaborate for you a positioning strategy completely tailored to the needs of your project.

We will study the market, analyse your competitors in the search results, find and define your main keywords, detect new opportunities for your SEO strategy and optimise your entire online shop so that it precisely meets all the factors that influence Google rankings.

We will make Google fall in love with your new Prestashop shop!

The leading Prestashop Agency in Barcelona

Frequently asked questions about PrestaShop

What is Prestashop?
PrestaShop is an open source software to create online shops. It is an e-commerce platform that allows advanced programming, yet is easy to manage. It has a wide variety of features and tools to help merchants maximise their digital presence and improve their sales. PrestaShop is compatible with a variety of operating systems and web servers, has a large network of customisable modules, and can be used to create online shops of any size, from small shops to large online shops.
What size online shop is Prestashop recommended for?
PrestaShop is a versatile e-commerce platform and can be used to create e-commerce of any size, from small shops with just a few products to large online shops with a large number of products and categories. We recommend it for medium to large online shops with 100 products or more.
Is Prestashop good for SEO?
PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform that in its basic implementation is not optimised for SEO, as is the case with all CMSs. However, if it is well programmed and with a well-planned and implemented SEO strategy, it has enormous SEO potential. With Prestashop you will be able to position for brand keywords, category, product, or informative searches.
How can I increase my Prestashop sales?
Creating an online shop with Prestashop is just the beginning. To maximise your sales we recommend implementing SEO, CRO and SEM actions, among others. We must take special care of aspects such as web usability, the experience on mobile devices, the purchase process, payment and shipping methods, or the work of abandoned carts, among other actions.
Prestashop vs Wordpress online shop
PrestaShop and WordPress are two different platforms with different purposes and features. PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce platform specifically designed for creating online shops, while WordPress is an open source content management platform that can be used to create a variety of websites, including online shops. In other words, Wordpress is a good solution for hybrid websites with corporate elements, blog and an online shop part, while Prestashop is a better solution if what we need is a pure e-commerce oriented to sell.
Prestashop vs Shopify online shop
PrestaShop and Shopify are two very distinct e-commerce platforms that are very different from each other. The main conceptual difference is that Prestashop is an open source software, which you can freely download and program on it. Shopify, on the other hand, is a private pay-per-use service, where you pay to use their platform and a commission for transactions.
Prestashop vs Magento online shop
PrestaShop and Magento are two open source e-commerce platforms. Prestashop is a robust and scalable solution, which can be adapted to medium and large shops. Magento, on the other hand, is a solution only recommended for large projects, which requires high development and maintenance costs.
How do you work with Prestashop at Latevaweb?
We carry out high-level Prestashop projects: online shops with customised design, based on a theme developed according to the image and needs of your brand. We do not work with templates. We also develop on Prestashop, which means that we create modules and functionalities tailored to the objectives and needs of your business. This way we get unique online shops in design and programming, and optimised for SEO positioning.
Is it possible to create informative pages or a blog with Prestashop?
The platform is oriented to online sales, so by default it only incorporates catalogue, payment methods and not much more. However, we can include all kinds of informative pages, landings or blogs perfectly integrated into Prestashop.
Does a Prestashop online shop require maintenance?
Yes, although it has a very robust codebase, everything is perfectible and needs to be updated. And through maintenance we ensure that the code base, as well as the built-in modules, are constantly updated and improved. At La Teva Web we program on Prestashop without altering its code base, so that the version of Prestashop and its components can be updated without any problem.
Online shop with Prestashop vs Tailor-made
Prestashop has an already robust programming base, on which you can program and get a very powerful online shop with a moderate investment in development. Building an online shop with code from scratch can allow us to create very unique projects, but they represent a lot of investment in development. In addition, online shops often need to connect with external elements such as EEP, shipping systems, reviews, payment methods, etc... For all this Prestashop has modules that allow this connection, while in a custom programming they should be developed ad hoc. In short, by opting for Prestashop we lose a little autonomy, in the sense that we must adapt to certain logics of the platform, but on the other hand it represents a much smaller investment in time and money at the development level, in relation to custom programming.

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