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The creation of a website is a complex process. It is not enough to design attractive websites, we must design websites that are fast, intuitive, easy to find and communicative, that attract and retain visitors and that, above all, fulfil the company’s objectives. Good web design is essential to ensuring your online marketing strategy works, whereas poor web design will ruin your credibility.
Barcelona web design

Our major advantage: Custom-designed for the client

Each company, each initiative, each project has unique characteristics. During the more than 19 years of history of LA TEVA WEB, we have always developed all our web designs in a unique and different way, placing special emphasis on the collection of requirements and needs of our customers.

We use our own high performance management system, which gives us security and is specifically prepared for SEO or search engine optimization. In addition, it allows you to self-manage the contents of the website, such as news, products, services, and so on.

For each of our clients, we create a customized web design.

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How do we work on web design?

At LA TEVA WEB we understand the creative process for your corporate website to be an integral process, which includes everything from web design through to its complete implementation, developing the technology necessary for the creation of the website.

The design process for your website is structured in the following phases:

Web design with love
  1. Study and analysis of your business and objectives, as well as those of your competitors, to thereby define the online strategy that your company needs.
  2. Define the message it is sought to convey in order to implement the communicative elements necessary to the web design and the generation of contents for your website, always maintaining the corporate image of your company.
  3. Create the web design and programming for the website.
  4. Once the web design, programming and publication of your website have taken place, our online marketing and social media team will take charge of the maintenance and optimization of your website on the main search engines such as Google, making sure that your website is visible to your potential clients.
  5. Finally, we monitor the entire process, advising and accompanying you in order to jointly achieve the very best results for your online presence and thereby fulfil your objectives.

Lastly, a point to bear in mind is the management of website contents. LA TEVA WEB enables you to easily manage the contents of your website, such as news, products, services, etc.

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