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Looking for opening your own online store with Prestashop? Having an attractive, efficient, fast, and well-targeted online store is now essential for businesses of all kinds that need to start selling more and better.

At LA TEVA WEB we offer you a online store design with Prestashop completely tailored to every need of your business. We create for you an attractive, modern, functional Prestashop design, designed for SEO and focused 100% on sales. Do not wait any longer and make the leap to Prestashop! Its advantages are enormous.

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Why choose Prestashop?

Prestashop is without a doubt the best CMS for the development of online stores. Millions of companies and businesses around the world have already chosen it to create their ecommerce.

The reasons for the success of Prestashop? It is easy and intuitive; it is highly customizable; allows us to implement modules and functionalities of all kinds; it's very safe; It is designed for SEO positioning and is more affordable than a custom online store design, so it is also ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Still not clear? With a Prestashop online store, you will get:

  • Total control. With Prestashop you will have the maximum power over your ecommerce. allowing you to configure all the key aspects of your store, monitor your inventory, orders, carriers, taxes, shipments ... Everything you need to be able to sell in the best way!
  • Simple interface. The Prestashop administration panel is intuitive and very easy to use, you can create new products and categories, manage your orders and your customers and implement any management with complete autonomy.
  • Scalable Your Prestashop store will grow as you do. It offers an impressive list of modules and functionalities that you can install so that your online store always offers the most precise solutions.
  • International presence. If you bet on expanding to new territories, with Prestashop it is amazingly easy, since it supports all types of currencies and more than 40 different languages, allowing you to configure taxes by countries, translations ... Everything you need to also succeed in online sales abroad.
  • Designed for SEO. Another of the main advantages of Prestashop is that it provides us with all the necessary tools to position ourselves in search engines. Thanks to SEO you will be able to place your online store in the first Google results and attract the highest quality visits and the new potential clients you need.

Advantages of creating your Prestashop online store with La Teva Web 

If you bet on creating your Prestashop online store with La Teva Web, in addition to obtaining the great advantages that this platform offers for ecommerce, you will also enjoy the advantages of creating it with us.

In our agency we are supported by more than 18 years of experience in the world of web design, development and digital marketing. This experience allows us to develop and design Prestashop online stores with completely unique, original and personalized designs for each brand.

One of our differentiating points with other agencies is that our expert Prestashop developers are capable of creating modules completely tailored to the needs of each client. No matter how ambitious your ideas are, we can translate them into reality.

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