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Shop online for DH Material Médico, a company specializing in the sale of medical equipment to private consultations.
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Online store for DH Material Médico, a company specialized in the sale of medical material to private consultations.

The online store incorporates thousands of references and is connected to the company's stock management system.

We have completely renovated the online store, with a new web design, management functionalities, a version adapted to all types of devices, and web architecture, programming and web layout optimized to position in Google.

In addition to the programming and design of the online store, we have connected the web with the company’s ERP.

SEO for medical material eCommerce

The DH Material Médico catalogue has more than 10,000 products. In addition, this catalogue is not static: dozens of products are added and disappear periodically.

In this context, the SEO strategy cannot focus solely on the pages of each product. We risk making efforts to optimize certain products and that these disappear from the web due to a catalogue change.

For this reason, the SEO strategy for DH Material Médico revolves around the main concepts of the business (medical material) and the main product categories. It is on these pages where we spend more positioning efforts.

Given the magnitude of the catalogue, internal linking and content prioritization are also important. The main categories are always linked from the main menu, while those of lower weight appear only when entering their corresponding sections. We also allow the deindexation of certain content, either because they do not add value at the SEO level or because they can lead to duplication or cannibalization.

Another approach that we have proposed within the SEO strategy is positioning by keywords linked to specific sectors or types of business. In this way, in addition to organizing the catalogue according to the type of product, we also offer it by specialty type (for example, Dermatology or Aesthetic Medicine).

Other marketing actions carried out

The capture of SEO visits is complemented with advertising campaigns in Google Ads. Through text ads and Shopping we release those products with the greatest competition in the SERPs or those that are in greatest demand at specific times. In the case of Shopping campaigns, we use a product feed to incorporate our catalogue to the Google Shopping platform. This also helps us to also appear in the organic Shopping results.

Another aspect worked on in DH Material Médico is the use of E-mail Marketing to communicate special offers and discounts to customers. In addition to sending the newsletter, we have also linked the website so that users who give their consent when buying are automatically added to our E-mail Marketing tool, and we have automated the sending of certain promotions to customers who meet specific requirements.

One of the main aspects that a user values ​​before buying in an online store is the evaluation given by other users. To reinforce this point, we integrated the Trusted Shops review system through custom programming. This allows us to send review requests to users who have already purchased and received their order. And display these ratings on the website itself, providing a positive sales argument for users who visit DH Medical Material.

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