Web design, programming and SEO for Zoco Cuero

La Teva Web has carried out the design and SEO strategy for the online store Zoco Cuero, specialized in handmade leather products.
online store leather products

Zoco Cuero, handmade leather products

Zoco cuero is a store of handmade leather products. They are specialists in the manufacture of leather goods such as women's bags, shoulder bags, party bags, travel bags, backpacks, suitcases, fanny packs, belts or leather wallets.

At La Teva Web we have designed an online store with Prestashop so that all lovers of handmade leather goods can find the product they are looking for. The store has 100% secure payment and free shipping for purchases over €70 from anywhere on the peninsula.

Zoco Cuero's online store

The electronic store of Zoco Leather is made with Prestashop. To categorize the different products they sell, 6 main families have been created: Backpacks, Bags, Briefcases, Accessories, Luggage and Fanny Packs.

In the same way, the store has a filter system to facilitate the user's search for the product. These filters vary according to the product family, however, in all categories you can filter by color, and in the case of backpacks and bags, also by men and women.

How could it be otherwise, the electronic store also allows products to be sorted by relevance, name and price. As well as select the best-selling products.

In the same way, Zoco Cuero's e-shop also has Breadcrumps, the system that allows the user to know its location within the structure of the web.

Web design

The web design has a sober image, where structure and order stand out, but at the same time with a casual and informal style.

The predominant colors are white for the background and menu. On the other hand, brown is used to color the typography, the logo, the icons and the main menu display. This is a color with a strong presence in Zoco Cuero's e-shop, a color that reminds us of leather and the skin of the products that are the protagonists of their business.

The chosen font is Avería Sans Libre, a sans-serif font that is used in the titles, paragraphs and links throughout the electronic store.

One of the fundamental parts of the web design of this original e-shop is the product card. In it, all the information about the product and the purchase conditions are provided, so the user has access to several pictures of the product, the color selection, the price and the purchase conditions. Likewise, each product has its own product description with its features and functionalities.

SEO Positioning

In terms of digital marketing, we are working on an organic positioning strategy to try to capture as much traffic as possible through search engines.

For this purpose, an exhaustive keyword study has been carried out in order to determine which keywords users use to find the products in Zoco Cuero's catalog. In the same way, an on-page optimization was carried out based on all the information collected.

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