Email marketing. Newsletters

Email marketing. Newsletters

Email marketing allows us to reach our customers in order to send them offers, advertisements and notifications using email. It is one of the channels of online marketing with a higher percentage of the conversion ratio, so it should be an almost mandatory piece in any online marketing strategy.
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Our advantage: an email marketing tool for your business

In LA TEVA WEB we do not limit ourselves to sending occasional newsletters. Our value proposal to customers incorporates a global strategy for email marketing. MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service . Through this platform, we cover the entire life cycle of the user, from their registration through the web, to recommendation campaigns to third parties or cross-selling.

In addition to the initial configuration of the account, the integration with the web and the creation of the first template for sending a newsletter, we offer training in order to make that email marketing becomes part of the set of tools that add value to your business.

A precise and personalized message at the right moment is the key to success
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What are the benefits of email marketing for companies?

Email marketing is a pillar of any online marketing strategy with many advantages such as:

  • It allows us to communicate with our customers quickly
  • Allows a great segmentation of our target audience
  • It is direct and the costs are low
  • Encourages the loyalty of our customers
  • It allows us to send our offers and communications in real time

Do you want to generate impact with sending emails?