22 / 02 / 2013

Google glasses. Project Glass

The way we access the Internet will take a dramatic leap forward soon with Goggles glasses. These are smart glasses with Internet access and capable of performing the same tasks as a Smartphone, from recording video, photograph, make calls or video calls, use a gps or email programs or access the Internet. In fact Google Glass glasses will use Android operating system.


The first question would be, without a keyboard as we access the contents? The answer is, like everything Google does: simplicity. So will all voice commands.

Although there is still no release date, Google has already launched a campaign through social networks Google+ and Twitter for those who want to buy them now. It will consist of a competition, in which a person must send 5 photos or a video of no more than 15 seconds to explain that Google would do with Glass. Unfortunately only U.S. citizens can apply. The next March Google will notify those winners who may acquire the glasses at the "reasonable" price of $ 1,500.
You can visit Project Glass

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