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HidrojING offers engineering services in the fields of hydraulics and hydrology. So the aim of creating the website is to provide services to those professionals who require them. Transmitting a clear and simple brand image was our first challenge, as the subject is very technical, but we focused on simplicity and accessibility for the creation of the website.
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Hidrojing is a company specializing in water and hydrological consultancy. Its main focus is to provide expert solutions in the management and analysis of water resources for companies and government agencies.

Thanks to its specialization in hydraulics and hydrology, Hidrojing ensures advanced consultancy services, relying on detailed analysis and efficient water management. Its methods include advanced studies and the application of modern technologies to optimize the use and conservation of water resources. Thus, they contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.

Hidrojing corporate website design

For Hidrojing's website, teva web has created a web design with a focus on clarity and efficiency. The website stands out for its dynamism and a strong presence of images related to hydraulic and hydrological consultancy, such as watershed maps, water management systems and water analysis technologies.

The predominant colours on the website are water-related tones, such as blues, complemented with greys and whites to maintain a clean and professional look. For the texts we have opted for colours that make them easy to read.

As for the typography, a font has been chosen that reflects the technical and professional nature of Hidrojing, prioritising legibility and a modern style.

SEO strategy for Hidrojing

To improve Hidrojing's online visibility, the website has implemented a series of specific SEO strategies for the hydraulic and hydrological consultancy sector.

  • WPO Optimisation: Technical optimisations have been carried out to ensure that the website loads quickly, optimising the weight of images and the stability of the site's elements.
  • Keyword Research: Exhaustive keyword research related to hydraulic and hydrological consultancy has been carried out to identify the most relevant terms for search engine positioning.
  • Writing of titles and metadescriptions: Optimised titles and metatags have been created for all the pages of the website, integrating the keywords identified in the research.

With these actions, Hidrojing's website is ready to increase its online presence and reach its target audience, offering its specialised services in hydraulic and hydrological consultancy.
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