27 / 08 / 2012

Two new social networks: Medium and Branch

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Two new social networks: Medium & Branch

Williams and Biz Stone were two of the founders of Twitter and, at the time, the creators of Blogger. Currently part of The Obvious Corporation, a company that aims to go one step further in social networks.

Thanks to the experience gained in recent years to see how people interact with social networks like Google +, Facebook or Twitter and ambition to fit the needs of nowadays people, they have proposed two new social networks on which we will put attention: Medium and Branch.

Medium, launched in August, is a publishing platform that is organized into collections of topics. Readers, according to their degree of involvement can create new collections from topics and produce content to simply read or rate them. Topics may be open or closed and have a structure very similar to a blog, the object of Medium is generating quality content. At first glance, looks like a mix of Pinterest and tumblr. Medium will give special importance to the use of templates and cool design that will made reading much comfortable with the aim that users spend much time on the social network.

Branch is the other project, also launched in the middle of August, which seeks to move people on the Web from usual monologues to real dialogue. It works by creating public debates and sharing posts, pins, multimedia, videos, links, tweets, etc. to improve the conversation. The social network works as the name tries to convey, by branches, following the style of the old forums, allowing people to create discussion topics and subtopics of discussion.

Both social networks, Medium and Branch, work by invitation. Today, it is too early to forecast if they will succeed, but they are definitely two of those projects track.

Francesc Sánchez
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