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12 / 12 / 2013

+Online Marketing +Post ads

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+Online Marketing +Post ads
If there is something that differentiates Google+ from many other social networks is that it does not include advertising.

Although Google lives mainly from advertising through Google Adwords or Google Adsense, the company has preferred to keep clean its social network from advertising. However, and as expected, it does not mean that the company does not want to mix social network with advertising and it hast just introduced +Post ads. The idea behind these ads is simple but effective, allowing businesses to convert with a few clicks any of its publications, videos or hangouts generated by the company in its Google+ page in an advertisement on the websites of the network display of Google, including classical segmentation tools Google Adwords or Google Adsense.

Google has defined +Post ads as the new social and interactive advertising. The advertisement allows the user to share or to do +1 in the publication and even interact with the company through comments, as the advertisement comes directly from the Google+ profile of the company. It also allows the user to be added to the Google+ page of the advertising company. And best of all, we don’t have to suffer advertisements when entering Google+

+Post ads currently are in beta, so I have to wait to use it.

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