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My page does not appear in the Facebook results

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My page does not appear in the Facebook results
A common problem for many users and companies when creating their Facebook page is that they end being disappointed to see that the page does not appear on the Facebook page of results, evenwhen you put the exact name of the page.

The solution is easy. Search your page with the exact name, if it is not found, it is probably because you've created it as a place and not as a page. The troubleshooting steps are:

You go to your Facebook page, if a message apperars "Are you the owner?", it is because you've created as a place or place. The first thing to do is enter your email and claim ownership.

Now you must modify the settings of your Facebook page. Go to managing the page and then to edit page Please confirm you have left the field empty country.

In edit your page, basic information, see the category page is created as a local business. It's a simple problem of language. When you create your page as a local business you are creating a place and not a page. Modify it to companies and organizations and choose the type of company. Save changes and in a couple of days the problem will be solved.

Another option is to send a query to Facebook from but if you followed the steps it is not necessary at all.
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