06 / 06 / 2012

Pinterest speaks Spanish

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Pinterest speaks Spanish
Undoubtedly Facebook, Twitter and Google + are the major social networks. However, new social networks are emerging and consolidating. Pinterest is a good example and now is available in Spanish.

Pinterest was created in March 2010 and, in two years, has established itself as the 38th most visted web world wide and number 16th in the United States in June 2012. Pinterest has expanded its presence in those non-English speaking countries and has just been published in Spanish.

The concept is relatively simple Pinterest: a virtual billboard. This social network lets you share on a board or wall, photos and videos (pin), which can be grouped into sets of pins or albums. Each pin can incorporate description and link, making it ideal for example for creating web design portfolios.

Pinterest philosophy is: "share pretty things from the Internet". In practice, it means hanging pictures and videos, link to a website, add comments and the possibility of repin equivalent to the classical share or retweet or like.

Currently the service is free and contains no advertising, although the company already warns that in the future may be. If you want to enter Pinterest it by requesting an invitation and after a few days will give you access.
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