19 / 04 / 2013

Design of the Year Award 2013

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Design of the Year Award 2013
The London Design Museum has announced the winner of the Design of the Year Award 2013. This is a very prestigious award in the world of design and it is colloquially known as the Oscars of the design rewarding most innovative useful and imaginative designs. There are several award categories: transport, architecture, fashion, product, furniture and graphic, and above them, the first prize.

For the first time the award has been assigned to a web page, specifically the government website in the UK. The website brings together all the main sites of existing British government, so that from a single website can perform queries, paperwork, paying taxes. Everyting  in a very accessible content structure.

The aim of the website is to reduce administrative costs and make information available to all citizens.

As regards web design, the new website has incorporated a typeface from the 60 created by Margaret Calvert providing web design with this classic British twist.
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