06 / 05 / 2013

Web Mobile programming for the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona

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Web Mobile programming for the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona
The current website was completely programmed in Flash, this technology is not visible for a number of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) as supporting the iOS operating system, ie Iphone and Ipad. As a result users accessing via mobile saw a webpage with only half of the content.

The solution devised for Ritz Hotel was to create a mobile website, which means a specific version for mobile website. First of all, a small application was programmed in order to detect if the user is accessing from a mobile device, and in that case, he was referred to a different mobile web web page that you access from a standard computer.

In all web mobile version, in terms of web design and web programming we always have to bear in mind that the website must download very fast, especially in those cases where the user connects via 3G. This requirement was particularly important in a web page where the use of pictures has a very important role.

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