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Website of Peripheral Systems Iberica SL, a company of solutions in the areas of printers, automatic identification and mobility labeling represents brands like CipherLab, Avery Dennison, Citizen or Godex.
PSI website

Specialists in identification solutions

Peripheral Systems Ibérica is a company specialising in the wholesale distribution of equipment and solutions in the automatic identification, labelling and mobility sectors. Founded in February 1997, it is dedicated to importing and marketing products from leading manufacturers of label printers, industrial PDAs, portable printers, barcode readers, rewinders and label dispensers.

Its aim is to establish business relationships based on trust and honesty with its distributors, offering products and services with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

From this project we would like to highlight:

  1. Update: The recent renovation of the website shows a focus on a more modern and updated image, it is necessary to be up to date.
  2. Star products and brands distributed: The company specialises in the sale of business peripherals, with a particular focus on products such as label printers, barcode readers and receipt printers. The distribution of strong brands such as Godex and Unitech strengthens the credibility and quality of the products offered.
  3. B2B and industrial target audience: The focus on technological solutions to improve efficiency suggests a mainly B2B and industrial target audience. Therefore the website is designed to meet the specific needs of this type of customer.
  4. Work on web design, usability, programming and SEO: for this project we have worked on aspects of web design, usability, programming and SEO positioning, with a commitment to offering a complete and optimised experience for both users and search engines, which is crucial to stand out in a competitive market.
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