11 / 07 / 2012

Ranking of search engines. Google continues unabated

Ranking of search engines. Google continues unabated
Google search engine remains the reference in the world-level desktop computer with a market share of 82% worldwide in June 2012, the same as last year.

Yahoo, despite being the dominant search engine in the past is left with a tiny market share of 7%, although it does grow slightly over May half point. Bing, despite the efforts of Microsoft, still not taking off and stays in a mere 5% of market share.

The remaining 5% split between Bing and local search engines, which highlights the Chinese search engine Baidu with 4%.

With respect to mobile devices, Google's advantage is even higher with 91% market share, followed by Yahoo with 5%, Bing with 1% and Baidu falling to 1%.

Google will continue for a long time focusing efforts at the level of SEO and online marketing sector.
Francesc Sánchez
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