SEO in USA for Simpson Tutors

We present a new local SEO project, but this time with a double challenge: positioning in more than one location and in one of the most competitive markets in the world, the United States. Specifically in two cities as iconic as New York and Miami.
SEO Simpson Tutors
SEO Simpson Tutors
SEO Simpson Tutors
SEO Simpson Tutors

Local SEO positioning in the US, a major challenge

Simpson Tutors is a business founded by Pascale Simpson, based on the idea of ​​offering private tutoring, either in person or online, to children from preschool through high school, with the aim of giving they them individualized attention and allowing them to focus in more detail on their weaknesses, be it math, reading or comprehension. In this way they will be able to exploit their potential to the fullest. Pascale has relied on La Teva Web to manage her SEO positioning and thus make her specialty known.

Regarding SEO positioning, the challenge was huge. It was a young website, in a particularly competitive sector and in the United States. But our international SEO team has worked to define SEO priorities and work on aspects such as keyword research, web architecture, etcetera. In addition to working on web SEO, we have also deployed Off Page SEO strategies and local SEO on Google Maps.

When a business changes, SEO has to go with it. The business has recently expanded and this has a big impact: it started in New York and now they have also opened a new location in Miami. This at SEO level has been taken into account by expanding content, changing structures and keywords, and distributing the internal authority of URLs. We also have to adapt the SEO and the structure of the website to the client's business priorities. A detailed study has been carried out on what locations the client offers its services in, which subjects we offer private classes in, or what educational levels we work with. And this is the basis for the progressive construction of new internal pages oriented to position each of the search combinations.
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