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Social Media Advertising Agency

Day after day, the consumption of content through the Internet grows. And it doesn't just happen through browsing websites: we spend more and more time on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Therefore, it makes sense that Social Ads are valued within the digital marketing strategy of any business. From our social media advertising agency we help large and small companies to connect with their target audience thanks to paid ads.

Social media advertising platforms we work with

What social media advertising platforms do we work with?

After years working in online advertising for various projects, at La Teva Web we are committed to certain advertising platforms when creating campaigns on social networks. Our criteria is based on results: we always recommend our clients to advertise on that social network where we are able to find their target audience and get forms, online sales or any other objective that arises. Therefore, the main social networks in which we work advertising are:

  • Facebook Ads: the social network par excellence allows us to create advertising segmented by endless criteria and work with different advertising formats.
  • Instagram Ads: after its acquisition by Meta, Instagram has established itself as the most visual social network, aimed at a younger audience, and with all the segmentation capabilities of Facebook.
  • LinkedIn Ads: the leading platform in the professional sector. Especially useful for businesses that focus their activity on B2B.

In each of these social networks we will propose which ad formats will be the most suitable for your business: images, videos, carousels, stories... And as a Social Ads agency we will carry out all the implementation of the campaigns and their maintenance.

What advantages have Social Ads

What advantages do Social Ads have?

Advertising on social networks has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, being superior in many aspects. Among the main advantages of Social Ads we find:

  • Comprehensive segmentation: when a user registers and interacts within a social network, they leave a trail of personal data such as their age, gender, interests, location... All this information is within our reach when choosing which users we show our advertising.
  • Beyond the organic reach: in recent years, most social networks have limited the number of users to those who show a company's organic posts, even if they are followers of it. So if we want to reach our target audience, whether or not they are followers of our profile, we must resort to advertising.
  • Advertising formats: the different advertising options on social networks continue to grow periodically. This allows us to create messages completely adapted to our strategy.
  • Volume of users: practically everyone is part of one social network or another. Its volume of users is counted in millions, so it is very likely that our target is among them.
  • Generation of sales and leads: for several years now, advertising on social networks goes beyond getting Likes on a publication. We have more and more tools to focus our campaigns on achieving business objectives, such as online sales or leads.
Why work with our Social Ads agency

Why work with our Social Ads agency?

Our experience and team allow us to offer an excellent service in the creation and maintenance of advertising campaigns on social networks. If you decide to start working with our Social Ads agency you will discover that:

  • We are results-oriented: we plan all our advertising strategies on social networks to achieve the objectives agreed with the client, avoiding vanity metrics such as reach or visibility.
  • We carry out periodic monitoring: we carry out periodic maintenance of all the campaigns that we execute. And we inform our clients of the actions carried out and the results obtained.
  • We help you choose the best social network: we analyze your business and objectives to consider which social network you will use to obtain the best results.
  • We have a multidisciplinary team: in addition to our online marketing professionals, designers, layout designers and programmers also work at La Teva Web.
  • We create personalized campaigns: we analyze your project and requirements to create tailored advertising.

Do you want to get the most out of your Social Ads campaigns? Contact our advertising agency on social networks and we will help you achieve it.

Social Media Advertising FAQ

Do you only advertise on social networks?

No. We also create advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads. In the case of Google Ads, we are a Google Partner Premier agency.

Are you in charge of creating graphic ads on social networks?

We have a team of designers who can make all kinds of advertising pieces.

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