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Sonic Fantasy is the documentary about Michael Jackson, told by all those involved who made it possible.
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The legend behind the best-selling album in history

Sonic Fantasy is the documentary about Michael Jackson's Thriller album, told by all those involved who made it possible. Thanks to the Sonic Fantasy documentary, we discover what motivated a group of musicians led by Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien to create the best-selling album in history.

Web design for SONIC FACTASY

In order to promote the documentary, the brand asked us to create a corporate website to present the project.

All the aesthetics of the web are based on the documentary film poster. The design is faithful to the poster in terms of colors and fonts. Black is chosen as the predominant color and is used as the background color of the different pages of the web. As a secondary color, we find the white for the texts.

 Aimed to be a presentation film website, we must find some kind of movement in the animations of images, titles and even in the background. 

On a technical level, we highlight the animations when loading the main page: a fine shine of the S in the title and the appearance of the animated texts. The intention is to give life to the documentary poster. We also find other animations throughout the web, such as the animated elements when scrolling. At the level of navigability, we also highlight the hover of the buttons with flash to highlight the protagonists’ names of the poster.

Finally, overlay is used with the background video behind the synopsis to generate movement. 

SEO positioning for SONIC FANTASY

Once the website is ready, the marketing team is in charge of carrying out a technical optimization of the website, a keywords research, the creation of meta descriptions and metatitles and setting a link building strategy. The keywords used for the project are: Sonic Fantasy, Sonic Fantasy documentary, Michel Jacskson's documentary Thriller album, Sonic Fantasy Thriller album.

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