Technical Seo for an architectural studio

At La Teva Web, we take care of improving the positioning for the Reondo architecture studio, implementing technical SEO strategies to increase the visibility and impact of its services.

Reondo homepage

Comprehensive management, architecture and interior design for companies and professionals

Reondo is an architecture and interior design studio based in Seville, specializing in the creation of unique, functional and efficient projects. They offer architectural and interior design solutions to professionals and companies that seek to optimize the return of their investment.

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, its focus is on helping companies to effectively communicate their business model through the design of their spaces and decoration.

The main page offers detailed information on the company’s services in architecture and interior design, showing specific projects for hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. In addition, a section on customer experience stands out through testimonies that support the quality of services.

Positioning by sectors

In this project, we choose to reorganize the structure of the website through a classification based on the sectors to which Reondo is addressed. To achieve this, we have categorised the projects according to the specific sectors, which in this case include: Commercial, Hotelier, Nightlife, Offices, Residential, Restaurant and Sanitary. This new organization will improve web positioning and, therefore, will facilitate users interested in architecture and interior design projects focused on one of these sectors, easily find the projects carried out.

Proyectos por sectores

Positioning by responsible and project

One of the strengths for this project was based on a strategy based on improving the E-E-A-T of the domain. In the “Study” category of the website, information about the company’s human team has been incorporated. A file of each member of the Reondo team is added, in it we find a presentation of each one in addition to commenting on the studies and experience of each one, including project links, in which they have been the supervisors of this project. All with his pertinent Schema.
EEAT arquitects
Descripción responsable de proyecto

Use of structured data

In order to offer a differential advantage in relation to other competitors, already well established in the market, we have carried out the implementation of structured data to improve theirS from a more technical perspective. Now we give Google more information about what type of business it is, where it is located, who is behind the organization, who writes its contents, which people have managed architecture and interior design projects, and who each of the team members are.

Local Perspective

Like any strategy of SEU coherent and focused on the type of business model we find ourselves with, the basis of the strategy is born from a study of keywords with a geographical focus. This local approach is what allows us to start working on positioning with real guarantees of both growth and business.

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