18 / 11 / 2021

The 5 web design trends for 2022

web design trends in 2022

They must be used in a strategic and focused way to make real sense.

The process of creating or redesigning a website always requires knowing how to find a balance between what we want to achieve with our project and the expectations of the sector we are targeting. And this, more than ever, has been highlighted with the web design trends in 2022. Especially for this reason, and as a professional agency, La Teva Web also works locally to give a great service of Web Design in Barcelona to offers the best balance between design and functionality.

In this publication we have collected, through experience and the constant passion to know the state of what makes us happy, what we interpret as new trends in web design. Or, in other words, what we could call a trend because of its abundant use, result and, above all, final satisfaction.

Because we all know that trends are "very good things", but you have to know how to use them in a strategic and focused way so that they really make sense. It is not a question of making a potpourri of novelties, forgetting what is really important. It's about knowing how to take advantage of new trends to reach a new level of quality. 

Big web design trends for 2022

We believe it’s important to emphasize the necessary balance between web design trends in 2022 and the timelessness of good design. Or, to say it in another way, design trends allow us to know the state of the industry and the possible needs of the environment and its users. But, at the same time, we must be aware that only basing ourselves on strong and timeless trends from the shared culture we will be capable to connect deeply.

It doesn't mean that we shouldn't have an eye on web design trends for 2022, quite the contrary! What we are referring to, is an equally important factor: connecting more deeply with our users. Design trends can be volatile and change from year to year. On the other hand, what really connects with us creates a timeless relationship.

So, with this premise in mind, we have proposed to bring you the web design trends that will win this 2022, but always keeping it in tune with a good work that becomes memorable. In conclusion, to take advantage of new trends to achieve a result that doesn’t become outdated... Sounds good, right?

Web design trends

1. Use of line

The continuous abuse of excessively gridded templates and overloaded designs has favored the use of lines for web design. We spend many hours a day looking at a screen and as users we appreciate that the information we perceive is clear and clean.

A web page overloaded with elements, excessively similar or very carried with elements having the intention to mark authority, favors the fatigue of our eye and perception when we navigate through a page.

The use of lines, which some calls it minimalism (although not very precisely), seeks to find a better coexistence between texts and images. They allow to greatly improve readability, focusing on the important messages and introducing the content in a more schematic and less overloaded way.

2. Retro style

We all know the phrase "what's old always comes back". Or that you always go back to where you were happy... Or at least, we go back to where we feel comfortable. And retro style has a unique ability to connect with our common spaces of shared culture as a society.

In the face of constant fashions and new, much more volatile consumption, the retro style has become a symbol of what remains, which has its own personality and is therefore attractive.

Retro styles, or those that identify with shared elements of our mass-media culture, manage to create familiarity much more quickly. This is due to its emotional capacity, which connects intimately with the user who feels identified with that particular style and feels it as something of his own. 

3. Pastel colors

Do you feel that you have a fast pace throughout the day? Do you like that which transmits peace and calm? Well, this is where pastel colors come into play as a trend for web design in 2022.

When we see them, they convey a sense of calm, as they are much less aggressive to the eye and draw attention to themselves in a less authoritative way. They are subdued colors, standing out both for being friendly to our sight and for helping to communicate messages in a more relaxed way. In other words, they help us to create a less forced dialogue and speak at the same level as our user, without forcing.

Web design trends: color

4. Flat colors

Maybe at first it sounds a little strange, but when we talk about flat colors as a design trend in 2022, we refer to those colors that do not have different shades. If we choose a color, use it without variation of tones or gradients.

It is much more expressive and communicative to choose which colors represents my brand and using them, than to start playing with the color we believe identifies us and introducing variations. Take care, blue #1D3EF0 is not the same color as blue #383EF0. 

5. Loading speed and mobile first

All the efforts we make in design must have a meaning and final function, so we couldn’t leave aside the most important thing this 2022: the loading speed of a web and its visualization on mobile screen.

In addition, even more relevant by the fact that Google takes it as a basic condition for a web page to be positioned as it should. If our page takes a long time to load or looks bad on smartphone (which is the main platform through which we consume its content), it will give a bad score to our website.

Now that's it, so much for the top 5 web design trends for 2022, chosen by La Teva Web! Apparently, there may not be many, but the ones we bring you here matter a lot. We think it’s better to bet on quality rather than quantity. And we're convinced that these trends will help you to succeed in whatever you set out to do.

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