04 / 06 / 2015

Web design and online marketing for Distrauma

Web design and online marketing for Distrauma
Today present you our last web desig, online marketing and search engine optimization project we have developped. Distrauma Medical is a company with over 20 years experience located in Palau-Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona), with a mission to provide to the spanish hospitals health materials, specializing in surgical instruments and hospital supplies.

The start of the web design project began with the development of brand logo. For this we chose to use a corporate blue, with strength and personality, linked to the health sector. The letters are shown in a rounded typography, giving modernity. The brand letters are accompanied by a circle with the initials of the company, which will give us graphic sources for different applications on and offline.

On the web design, web opted for a sober design, with the cleanliness and hygiene that Distrauma want to show to the target audience. We combined the brands blue with white spaces , and a faint gray that allows us to highlight some sections. On image support we combined the use of real photographs of the product and the people who are part of the project, with an iconographic game that aims to help the user to easily identify the categories of hospital supplies the web offers.

Regarding web programming, it is a site developed thinking in an easy navigation. Thw web gives a great importance to the products, prominently displayed in different sections of the site. The product’s page offers a lot of details (through photographs, explanatory texts, PDF catalogs, etc.), and the client, if is interested in the product, can fill a contact form. The site also provides a news section through which Distrauma can provide relevant content for the sector, a fact that will benefit also the SEO.

Related to the above comment on SEO: we did a comprehensive keywords research, which has been taken into account: the product offered on the web, the audience that the client wants to reach, the market área, the web languages and the keywords positioned by the competing companies. Thanks to this study we have chosen to work the SEO for words such as instrumental quirúrgico, material sanitario, material enfermeria, material fungible sanitario, suministros hospitalarios y material hospitalario.

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