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Web deisgn and online marketing for La Lotería Online. It is a web project of a lottery company located in Barcelona.
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La Lotería Online is a web project of a lottery company located in Barcelona. It consists of a corporate website combined with a web platform for online lottery sales and other state games like Euromillions lottery and Christmas lottery.

We have done all the design of the graphic image and corporate identity of the client. In terms of web design, we have developed a design that features dynamism and credibility, while not straying too far from the official image of State Lotteries. The web design works with white backgrounds and warm colors like orange which places the user's view in the main games for easy access to the online sales platform.

As regards online marketing, the project gives special importance to marketing on social networks like Facebook and Google plus. SEO or website positioning words such as lotería navidad or lotería online  is the second leg of online marketing. Getting a good SEO strategy, will attract a large number of customers, especially outside Barcelona. This last point is critical because today, the company is highly focused in the area of Barcelona and wants to expand.

To improve the web or SEO, we have developed a news section that provides valuable information to users while generating valuable content that will help us for improving the SEO of the website.
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