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Reparación Albañal SL is a Barcelona-based company that specialises in the construction and repair of sewers and underground drains, operating throughout Spain. Their mission is to meet the demands of administrators, residents' associations and builders in this field, carrying out projects of any size with an outstanding commitment to the preservation of the environment.
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Construction, maintenance and repair of drainage networks

This company is aimed at builders and property managers, and has entrusted La Teva Web to create the design of its website. The website, developed with PHP, HTML and Javascript technologies, serves as a corporate presentation of Reparación Albañal. One of the main challenges was to create an attractive design for such a specific topic as underground drains, focusing efforts on achieving the best position in search engines such as Google.

The website design focuses on presenting the construction, maintenance and repair services for drains and sewers. It uses a clear colour scheme, integrating high quality images of the services offered. The navigation is clear and intuitive, and incorporates sections dedicated to different target audiences such as managers and builders, and emphasises the quality of its services. In addition, it incorporates a contact section that allows you to request information and a quote.
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