Corporate website for the company Ergasia Seguretat of Barcelona. This corporate website presents the company's portfolio of services for the prevention of work-related injuries.
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Experienced, close and solvent

New corporate website for Ergasia

A new corporate website for the company Ergasia Seguretat from Barcelona, a portfolio to present its B2B risk prevention services.

Experienced, close, and solvent

Ergasia is a company dedicated to occupational risk prevention. Since 2007, its technicians and doctors have been working to help companies with their legal obligations in the field of prevention. Ergasia bases its service on reliability, improved quality/price ratio, agility, and comfort.

The company also offers services in technical disciplines, occupational medicine, medical examinations, and compliance. This includes actions such as the preparation of documents, advice, training, and even immediate attention in case of emergency.

Web design project for Ergasia

The web project for Ergasia consisted of a complete design of its corporate website. This new proposal offers a comprehensive but accessible presentation of its services. Besides, it also has contact forms so that companies or users can request a quote or more information from the website itself.

Although it is a website with a lot of content, the text is accompanied by icons and images that make the information much more attractive and accessible for the user. The Arimoregular font, a sans-serif font, has been used for the texts and titles of the website. The headings are also highlighted with an italic version of the same font.

On the home page, a large slider with photographs is used to add dynamism to the home design. In addition, the Home page shows blocks of essential content on the management of occupational risk prevention, as well as information on the service offered by the company. Moreover, there is also a breaking news section where the latest news published on the website are shown.

Some of the most noteworthy pages on the website are the sectors and training. The former shows the sectors most likely to require occupational risk prevention services. Besides, the training page provides detailed information on the courses offered by Ergasia.

The design is completely responsive and adapts perfectly to the screens of smartphone devices.

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