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Web design and SEO for the firm commanded by prestigious jurist Elpidio Silva.
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Web design and SEO for the firm commanded by prestigious jurist Elpidio Silva.

The law firm Elpidio Silva Abogados has offices in major Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Granada. The knowledge and reputation of the members of the firm is the major competitive advantage of the firm. Particularly important is the reputation of Elpidio Silva who names the firm and has become very famous due to his expertise as judge against corruption that ensures effective counseling profile.

As regards marketing online, the company is very prolific within social networks such as twitter, linkedin and facebook. In fact, the company has its own communication department that is in charge of content generation. We will benefit from this content when designing and implementing our SEO strategy. As you know, content is one of the keys for a successful SEO.

As regards web design, we have sought a modern web design that exalts the figure of the partners and build user confidence. Web design is a modern and technological design fleeing the more traditional web design of law sector. The use of large photographs with different messages and tinted in blue is one the most innovative contribution to the design. We have also used Roboto fonts inspired in the timeless Helvetica font used on the logo

As regards SEO, we will focus on concepts such as abogados penalistas or abogados de familia combined with the location of its offices, especially, Barcelona and Madrid. We will also work hard in improving and assessing the online reputation of the law firm.

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