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At La Teva Web we are proud to have collaborated with leading institutions in their sectors. Among the projects developed, the one carried out for the Fundació Puigvert stands out. Located in Barcelona, it has a great international reputation for activities related to urology, nephrology and andrology.
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We aspire for the Fundació Puigvert to be a source of information for the media and a resource for rigorous information.

The Fundació Puigvert has been a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge surgical techniques, and has contributed substantially to medical research, resulting in an important body of scientific literature, as well as in the training of world-renowned specialists.

The partnership with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) guarantees that any student coming to the Fundació Puigvert will continue their training with advanced medical treatments and the development of continued professional learning in the health sector. The combination of clinical practice and research places it at the forefront of medical development, guaranteeing its patients only the latest innovations in the treatment of urological, nephrological and andrological conditions.

The web design created for this project is a design that reflects the excellence and impact of the Fundació Puigvert in the digital space. This has resulted in a perfect website both visually and functionally, optimised to the maximum to achieve the best positions in search engines. In addition to always taking into account, web design must be responsive to ensure that users can navigate the web on any device, and it adapts to all of them. All this after carrying out keyword research that helps us to optimise and include interesting terms that can lead users to the Fundació Puigvert website. This ensures that advanced treatments and educational programmes reach patients, researchers and health professionals around the world.

Google Ads campaigns have been launched taking into account relevant audiences interested in aspects and topics related to the foundation's activity. This will help us to achieve better visibility and increase the number of patients, in addition to having greater scientific credibility.

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