Web design and SEO Onceb

Industrial design agency 360 which brings to reality the most innovative projects and ideas.
Web design and SEO Onceb

Product Industrial Development Specialists

Onceb is a multi-sectoral agency located in Valencia specialising in the design and development of industrial product to the extent of each product and idea.

In the entire process of producing each product, Onceb works together with the customer to offer the best product, in which it begins with a study of innovation, through design, through production and storage.

Web Design

The main idea for drawing this design was to provide a perception of elegance with great contrasts.

It is worth highlighting the use of the colors of the corporate colors that are black and white, using the black of header and footer to highlight the content. In addition, when you look at the services offered by this agency, the service you are looking at is black to highlight which service you are watching, and each of these includes an icon that maintains the sobriety and elegance of Onceb.

He also wanted to give a more visual website using a large photograph on the card of each project and the team.

SEO strategy

Once all web design has been done, our digital marketing team does a study of the key words that can provide Onceb with a better organic positioning in search engines.

And so, it's like through an optimisation of the web's content and tencnic factors, industrial product design has been highlighted.
Iván Cuéllar web designer
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Iván Cuellar — Web designer
With countless designs made at La Teva Web, I'm not just looking to make "beautiful" websites. We always provide our clients' projects with a vision focused on their needs and the user's. Without neglecting web design trends, which evolve every year.

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