SEO and Web Design for LuxQuanta

LuxQuanta is a spin-off of the Photonic Sciences institute, where this project has been incubated for 4 years. They have launched a new website and for its programming and design they have trusted on the team of La Teva Web.
web design for luxquanta

Information Encryption and Quantum Key Distribution

Its headquarters are in Barcelona, and they are specialist distributors of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). They do this through cryptographic techniques that serve to protect confidential information of companies and institutions.

Thanks to their quantum cryptography system, they guarantee secure communication systems in professional or governmental environments. Their encryption system encodes the information through mathematical algorithms that make it unreadable for all those who do not have a key to decrypt it. In this way, the information is protected for everyone.

LuxQuanta's corporate website design

We have opted for a corporate website with a lot of dynamism and a strong presence of images. There are pictures of nodes, keys, telecommunications systems or servers that are representative of the computer security activity developed by LuxQuanta.

The predominant colours on the website are white, light grey and corporate blue. Likewise, for all the texts on the website, except for the headings, we've used black.

As far as design elements are concerned, the font chosen for this project has been Sarabun, a very clean, clear, and modern sans serif font.

SEO Strategy for LuxQuanta

To increase LuxQuanta's visibility, a set of optimisations and content strategies have been developed for LuxQuanta's corporate site.

  • WPO optimisation: we have carried out all the technical optimisations necessary to make the speed of the website as fast as possible. This includes the loading of web resources and files, the weight of images and the stability of the elements within the pages.

  • Keyword Research: a keyword research has been carried out to assess which search terms should be worked on within the website to try to position it.

  • Writing titles and meta descriptions: one of the SEO tasks in which we have worked on the LuxQuanta website is the generation of the titles and metatags of all the urls of the website. This content is complemented with the search terms chosen after the Keyword Research previously carried out.

With all this, the LuxQuanta website is ready to take off its visibility and reach all those companies and institutions that require an encryption system for sending and receiving information.

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