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The new Adhoc website has been redesigned to offer a more modern, intuitive, and functional experience. The site features a clean and professional design that facilitates navigation and access to relevant information about their services.
web vídeos corporativos

Each client is unique.

Adhoc is a company specialising in corporate videos in Barcelona. It has a long history in the audiovisual sector and is formed by a qualified, dynamic and creative professional team for the creation of an infinite number of videos according to the client's needs.

It should be noted that the client came with a website made in Flash and for the times that run on the Internet, it is obsolete technology. Therefore, it was necessary to propose a new web design that was accessible and usable for the user, as well as programming it in such a way that the website would load quickly and could be viewed from any device.

For the web design, La Teva Web's design department has designed a modern, fresh and up-to-date website, giving greater prominence to the client's star product: the video. The visual material can be seen in the slider on the home page and the video page itself. On this page, sub-categories have been created to work individually on the web positioning or seo for the concepts agreed with the client. For the definition of the colours, we have opted for the corporate colours: white, black and light green.

As for the structure of the website, we can navigate through the following sections: videos, who we are, how we work, services and the contact page.

The client wanted to work on the web positioning or SEO so that the website would get a better visualisation in search engines for the concepts videos for companies in Barcelonaor corporate videos. To do this, it was necessary to create sub-categories that hang from the video category to work individually on the keywords. Over the coming months, we will be expanding the content of the website to get more pages indexed, either through projects or the creation of a blog.
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