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Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads) is Microsoft's pay-per-click advertising platform. This platform allows us to display ads on the Bing search engine, but also on Yahoo!, MSN Search, as well as on all Microsoft platforms and devices and its Display network that includes such powerful websites as AOL.
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We are Microsoft Advertising Partner agency

LA TEVA WEB, Microsoft Advertising Partner agency based in Barcelona, we are specialists in the creation and management of Microsoft Advertising campaigns (formerly Bing Ads).

We are one of the few SEM agencies certified by Microsoft that guarantees that our team and agency have the experience, knowledge and constant updating to execute small and large Microsoft Advertising campaigns.
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We are specialists in the creation and management of Microsoft Advertising campaigns
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What are the advantages of advertising on Bing?

Bing Ads campaigns are the ideal complement to your Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns, since it allows us to:
  • Ad simultaneously on Bing, Yahoo! and MSN Search
  • Take advantage of the Microsoft Audience Network including: Microsoft Edge, Xbox, Microsoft Start, MSN, Microsoft Edge and
  • Impact the 11.4% of PC users who use Bing and not Google, a number that is increasing
  • Take advantage of a cheaper cost per click than Google Ads, due to less competition from advertisers
  • Using Bing Places for local SEM campaigns
  • Import campaigns from Google Ads, and the possibility of synchronizing them
  • Complete tracking of campaign conversions, to measure their performance.
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Types of Microsoft Advertising campaigns

The types of campaigns available in Bing Ads are constantly being reviewed and evolving. At our agency we work on all of them, and we advise in each case the type of campaign that best meets the needs of each client and digital project:
  • Search ads
  • Audience ads: visual, targeted audiences (Display)
  • Mobile application downloads
  • Shopping: Microsoft Shopping campaigns, manual or smart campaigns (Pmax)
In addition to the type of campaign, it is important to configure them according to our campaign objectives: Branding, web visits, conversions, visits to local businesses, phone calls, etcetera.

We solve your doubts about Bing Ads

What is Bing Ads?
It is Microsoft's online advertising platform (SEM). Currently it is no longer called that, because the ads we launch there not only appear in the Bing search engine, but in the entire Microsoft network: Yahoo, MSN, Edge or Xbox, among other Microsoft products. That is why they have adopted the name of Microsoft Advertising.
¿What’s Microsoft Advertising?
It is the platform for the creation, configuration and monitoring of SEM campaigns for the entire Microsoft search and Display network.
Do I need an agency to do Bing Ads?
You can try making small ads yourself. In any case, you will see that the platform is very complex, and requires technical knowledge to take advantage of it. In addition, it requires daily maintenance and revision, to monitor results and apply changes, corrections and new features that appear constantly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have an agency that has experience and is accredited by Microsoft, like us.
What are the main benefits of advertising on Bing Ads?
With Microsoft ads your website can have visibility in the second most popular search engine, which is also gaining market share. We gained presence in a new channel, which, in addition to being little exploited for now, offers still moderate costs per click.
Do you only work with Bing Ads?
No. Bing Ads should be understood as one more channel to explore and exploit, within a strategy in which the web, SEO, and other SEM channels such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads contribute. A channel that comes to add and that is compatible with many other channels and actions. And of course, we also work on the organic part of this network, SEO in Bing.

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