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As a SEO agency, we give special importance to the organic positioning of our clients' websites on Bing, Microsoft's search engine. Moreover, since Yahoo! runs on Bing, working on SEO in Bing has a direct impact on the results of Yahoo! and other search engines.

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SEO on Bing and Yahoo!

Bing may not be the most popular search engine in Spain, but it has a not insignificant market share. As for desktop, the latest available data assigns 8.94% of searches. If we add this to Yahoo!'s 2.46%, we get 11.4% of the total number of searches carried out on desktop search engines in Spain and worldwide. In addition, the introduction of artificial intelligence in Bing through the implementation of ChatGPT, makes it highly likely that this market share will increase in the coming months. All this makes Bing web positioning a must for any project that wants to succeed and not miss any opportunity. The data shown corresponds to Spain, a country with very little implementation of Bing so far. But for projects with a vocation to work on international SEO, working on SEO in Bing is practically essential.
Bing SEO is different from Google SEO
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Bing SEO is different from Google SEO

The fundamentals of SEO in Bing are similar to those of SEO in Google, giving great importance to quality content and on-page technical SEO. However, Bing has some particularities that force us to work on positioning in a different way. It has its own tools such as Bing Webmaster Tools or Bing Places, and the weight of the variables associated with technical SEO in the algorithm are different to those of Google. For example, Bing gives greater importance to the social interactions of a website when it comes to generating its ranking. On the other hand, the incorporation of ChatGPT opens up a new world of possibilities in SEO.
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Our SEO methodology for BING

As a SEO agency, at LA TEVA WEB we take care of the web positioning and promotion of your company on Bing and Yahoo!, together with other SEO and digital marketing actions. To achieve this, we follow these steps:
  • We analyse your business, your brand positioning and that of your competitors.
  • Depending on your business objectives, we carry out the study and selection of the keywords of most interest to your company.
  • We audit the presence of your website and your competitors in Bing and Yahoo!
  • We optimise both on-page and off-page SEO, placing special emphasis on those SEO variables that are most important for the Bing algorithm.
  • We connect your website with Microsoft's SEO tools, such as Bing Places or Bing Webmaster Tools, and analyse and remedy the recommendations.
  • We develop with you a content development plan according to Bing's requirements.
  • SEO optimisation for all possible snippets in the SERP snippets in Bing: web results, local results, images, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.
  • Analysis of ChatGPT's knowledge about your company, services and products, and subsequent optimisation to have a greater and better presence in their responses.
  • Finally, we monitor the results obtained in terms of web positioning in Bing, in order to implement improvements in the strategy on an ongoing basis.

FAQ's about SEO on Bing

What are the differences between SEO on Google and SEO on Bing?
Although the bases of SEO to be applied are the same, each search engine prioritises the weight of the variables of each search engine's algorithm differently. For example, Bing gives more importance to the domain of the web page and the text in the links than Google, among many other factors.
Do SEO efforts on Bing work for Yahoo!?
Yes, Bing has been Yahoo!'s search engine since 2010, so the SEO guidelines for Bing and Yahoo! are the same and everything we do will be equally useful for both search engines. That said, there can be very minor differences in the SERPs, especially for geolocation.
Do you only work SEO on Bing?
We work on SEO in different search engines, mainly Google and Bing, but also in Yandex or Duckduckgo, among others. We are always attentive to the appearance of new search engines, and we work on the most appropriate ones for each client.
Apart from SEO, can you manage ads with Bing Ads?
Yes, of course we can. In fact, we are one of the few Microsoft Advertising Partners in Barcelona and Spain, so Microsoft endorses us as one of the best agencies to manage your Microsoft Ads (formerly known as Bing Ads).
Can you do local SEO on Bing?

Yes, in fact we have Bing Places which is the equivalent of Google's business profiles, and they are vital for local SEO on Bing. There are many differences in settings and data sources, such as reviews, which usually come from Facebook and other external online reputation sources.

Is it easier to rank on Bing than on Google?

Yes, firstly because Bing is more transparent in the positioning factors than other search engines like Google and, above all, because most of your competitors put little or no effort into positioning themselves on Bing. There you have a huge opportunity, and it is important to rank well before the rest of the competitors start working on SEO for Bing.

How many people use Bing in Spain?
In 2023 Bing and Yahoo! account for 4.25% and 3.99% of the search engine market share worldwide and in Spain respectively. However, this number rises to 11.41% and 11.46% respectively when we analyse desktop, numbers that by themselves justify working on the positioning of your website on Bing. Bing also feeds the results of other secondary but not insignificant search engines, such as: Altavista, AOL, Duck Duck Go, Ecosia. Thus, by working on SEO in Bing we can rank in dozens of search engines at the same time.

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