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Ladenac Milano, luxury in a candle

Ladenac Milano, a very fashionable new project by LA TEVA WEB.
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Ladenac, in the name of elegance and luxury

Ladenac Milano is a premium and luxury brand of candles. We have designed the corporate website and an e-commerce for the company that will help Ladenc to stengthenen its branding and allow clients the acquistion of Ladenac decorative candels and fragrances through this e-commerce.

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In addition to offering a luxury product, Ladenac Milano also counts among its values ​​the craftsmanship and experience of being part of Vila Hermanos, one of the most prestigious candle companies in the world. Although it was an e-commerce, we also incorporate content related to the brand itself and its store located in Madrid.

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A luxury web design

With the aim of enhancing the values ​​of Ladenac Milano, we have gone for a minimalist design with elegant colors such as white, black and shades of gray and enhancing the visual communication of the products with the usage of large pictures.

We have also conducted the online marketing plan that would allow us to define what strategy is the best to be followed by this newly created brand, taking into account factors such as the product itself, brand values ​​and the profile of client that we are targetting.

This marketing plan was executed through several online communication channels including SEM through Google Adwords Search, Display, Shopping and Remarketing, and Facebook Ads.

Ladenac milano website

The luxury for a few

Ladenac Milano is luxury, that luxury with character. Sober, discreet, elegant, sophisticated, a smell that is truly enjoyed, that makes you feel good with small details and without overloading the senses.
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