Catalog websites

Design of web pages with product catalogue

Virtual catalogues are the best way of displaying the products of any given company.
Catalog web pages
Virtual or online catalogues tend to be organised by product categories or brands and contain spec sheets for the company’s products. The spec sheets tend to include various photographs, reference, description and pdf with technical characteristics. Always accompanied by a powerful product search engine.
The key to a good catalog is that the client understands what we offer, and finds what he is looking for
Catalog web pages Barcelona

Interactive web catalogs

The advantage of virtual catalogues compared to print catalogues is that they are always updated and generate a greater level of interactivity with your clients. To this end, we programme a content manager that will enable the client to easily update their own catalogue.

It is also advisable to link virtual catalogues with the main social networks in order that they may be easily shared by users and the company itself.

La Teva Web provides bespoke web design and programming for all of the client’s virtual catalogues, using dynamic PHP programming and MySql databases.

Do you need an unique online catalogue?

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