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Virtual catalogs are the best way to show the products of any company. They are usually organized by product categories or brands, and contain product cards of the company's products, being able to add all kinds of information to them, such as technical documentation in PDF format, video tutorials or customized contact forms.
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Our advantage: a customized web catalog

La Teva Web designs and programs all its online catalogs custom-made for the client, using dynamic PHP programming and MySql databases. This allows us to work with a maxim: we adapt the web catalog to the client's needs, and not the other way around, with template systems that limit functionality, originality and security.
The key to a good catalog is that the customer understands what you offer and finds what he/she is looking for
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How do we work with virtual catalogs?

  • Product sheets: the product sheets usually include several photographs, reference, description and PDF with technical characteristics. Our websites always include a powerful product search engine.
  • Available 24 hours, 365 days: the advantage of virtual catalogs over paper catalogs is that they are always updated and generate greater interactivity with your customers. In addition, our catalogs are fully self-manageable, so you can update at any time the data of your products, categories or brands instantly and in a simple and autonomous way.
  • Integration: we have extensive experience in linking web pages with management tools (ERP), which would allow a synchronization of the data displayed on the web, with those dumped in the company's system.
  • Social component: it is also advisable to link the virtual catalogs with the main social networks so that they can be easily shared by users and the company itself. Likewise, we always incorporate elements that encourage the visitor to contact the company: contact forms, calls to action or call buttons or WhatsApp are advisable elements.
  • Responsive web design: the catalog will be accessible from all types of devices, from large computer screens and TVs, to tablet devices and smartphones. In adapting our catalogs to the screens and devices, we always follow Google's recommendations.
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Trends and news on catalog websites

Websites with product catalogs are evolving and incorporating elements that improve web usability, user engagement and conversion rates. Some of the actions we are successfully applying are:

  • Product search engine: in addition to the classic navigation by category or brand, it offers users the option of incorporating a search engine to get directly to the product you need.
  • Use of filters: in large and complex product listings, we recommend implementing a filter system, so that users can refine the results and refine them according to their desired search criteria (size, color, price, etc.).
  • B2B catalogs with reserved information: there is the possibility of having one part of the website public, and another reserved only to registered users and accredited by the company as B2B customers. In this way we encourage the registration of users, and reserve sensitive information such as price, or additional documentation, only to this segment of users.
  • New forms of contact: nowadays, the more channels we enable the user, the more options we give him to contact us in the most convenient way. In addition to the classics such as email, telephone and form, we recommend the implementation of more immediate contact methods, such as Chat or WhatsApp.
  • Intelligent chats: in the case of not having the resources to offer personal chat attention (or in the hours in which you cannot offer it), we implement robots with intelligent chats that can guide users to solve doubts, make an appointment with our agents or browse our catalog.

Most common FAQs about web catalogs

What is a web catalog (or virtual catalog)?
We could define it as a web page in which a series of products are presented, organized by categories and/or brands, which allows browsing and information about products, but which does not have online sales enabled.
Is there a product limit for a virtual catalog?
There is not. But the number of references is important to take into account because it will condition the necessary development technology, the navigation structure and web design, or the needs at server level, among other issues.
Can a virtual catalog become an online store?
Everything is possible in terms of development, but if there is a medium-term idea of turning our website into an e-commerce, it is better to know from the beginning, because a website with incorporated e-commerce technology can be developed from scratch, but with sale disabled. In this way, the transformation from web to e-commerce will be faster and less expensive.
With which CMS to build a web catalog?
It will depend on the requirements, resources and connections required. If the website is going to be kept as a catalog, a custom website can be programmed that will perfectly solve the needs. On the other hand, if the project foresees a transition towards e-commerce, then it is recommended to build it with a CMS already prepared for it, such as Wordpress or Prestashop.
Is it good to use PDFs in my web catalog?
Although Google can crawl and index PDFs, they will never position them like the html of a website. So we generally recommend that all the information about the product, its uses, recommendations, benefits and more, be included in the html of the web page. Instead, we can use PDFs to supplement it with technical documentation, user manuals, medical leaflets or general product catalogs, among others.
Is it good to use videos in my web catalog?
Yes, and very much so. Videos help to improve user retention on the web and improve the conversion rate. They help the user to have more and very practical information about our products and services. In addition, well optimized at SEO level, they can be a strong injection of organic traffic. It is important to make sure that the implementation of videos does not have a negative impact on the performance of the website.

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