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Certio technical inspections of vehicles

New website for this leading company in Catalonia in technical inspections of vehicles (TIV). A new online marketing strategy based on SEM and SEO.
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Pass the ITV agile and close

Certio, the leading TIV in Barcelona and Catalonia company, decided to redesign its corporate identity. So they needed a new web in line with this new, clean and fresh.

The most complex aspect to solve in the approach of the page was a re-prioritization of content, seeking to facilitate the user to find the information or service you need easily, and is also aware that in this new stage he wanted to paramount importance to the option to book an appointment for ITV directamnente a car online through their web significance.

Concerning the web design, web present a predominance of photographs. The selection of the photographs think that has been one of the key elements of the web, beyond the structural elements. We wanted to work with real images, made by Certio, and that these people in the company are displayed. This conveys transparency and proximity, which is essential in a sector like Certio. Besides the web wants to convey cleaning and commitment to the environment, one of the core values ​​of this company ITVS. To translate we caught the green and magenta corporate logo as base colors, all on white background. Another important decision was typefaces, which in this case are a family of sans, always in thin format that refers to sew techniques, combined with others in rounded formats that make us Certio reference to logo and transmit kindness. Additionally we have used the circle corporate logo in different aspects of the web, such as slides or many images.

Responsive web design Certio

A very easy to use website

On the web it offers visitors a lot of corporate information, different ways to contact Certio, but especially the many ways are provided to hire their services ITV. Visitors can find the ITV stations for its location on the map, from the type of vehicles that make the ITV at each station, which always indicated with an iconographic language. Should note that web programming level, the great difficulty has comprotado develop the whole application to book online quote for ITV, and also a price simulator ITV by vehicle and license plate.

Once published the website, now we will accompany Certio to improve your website rankings for concepts such as ITV, pass itv, or roadworthiness.

web design certio

Our major objective: Boost online reservations

We have developed a highly usable website in combination with an online marketing strategy that has allowed us to give a tremendous boost to the online contracting rate.
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